How to effortlessly recreate simple Scandinavian waves?

Hello dear readers! Curious to know more about the new Scandinavian hair-waving technique? In fact, we all love to play with our hair: straightening it, plateauing it, twisting it and all the hairstyles out there in the sun. However, in recent years, Denmark-based hairstylist, Nicci Welsh, has come up with a whole new technique, dubbed the “scandi wave,” which is a complete game-changer when it comes to hair! If you love to play with your hair, you definitely own a flat iron. And that’s all you need to achieve that gorgeous magical look! We have prepared a complete tutorial for you to try!

Summer 2022 Hair Trend: Scandi Waves

What does your hair say about you? We can fully express ourselves through our makeup, clothes, accessories, and hairstyle, so those around us can form an opinion based on these details. Expressing yourself in this way is a wonderful thing. In fact, if you’ve been following the hair trends of the past few years, you might have noticed that gorgeous beach waves, a must-have beach hairstyle, have always been on top of trends. They seem relaxed and effortless, like a typical Los Angeles dream. However, some of us like more simple hairstyles. So how do you recreate the look of beachy waves without looking dull and fluffy? Indeed, this is where Nicci Welsh enters the picture and impresses us with her impeccable technique!

What are Scandi waves?

Curly Hairstyle Summer 2022

It’s the perfect last minute hairstyle: when you’re running late and still want a great hairstyle or when you’re too lazy to do anything else! We’ll keep it short and cute: Scandinavian waves and an effortless wavy hairstyle are achieved with a simple straightener. And there you are! So what’s the point? Well, this is how you make waves matter! By the way, the DeaVita team has prepared a tutorial that you can try from the comfort of your own home. In fact, there is absolutely no need to go to the hairdresser to achieve this style, it is very easy to achieve! Well… let’s go!

How to make Scandinavian curls?

  • First, apply the straightener very hot and ready.
  • After that, comb your hair well, so that there are no clumps, and separate it into finer sections.
  • In fact, depending on the size of the curls, take a section near the root and pass it through an S-shaped straightener and alternating directions along the hair shaft. The idea is not to give volume, but to get flat curls.

And there you are! Simply ! Here’s a tutorial if you’re a visual learner:

Photo Gallery: Hairstyle Trend 2022 – Scandi Waves

hair trend 2022

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Try Scandi waves on your trendy square cut!

Scandi wave trend

Recreate this mermaid hairstyle in all its summertime glory!

Scandi wave trend 2022

Hailey Bieber, a celebrity stylist, has adopted Scandi waves and wears them gorgeously!

Hailey Bieber trendy hair

Besides, this elegant hairstyle is unique!

How to make curly hair without heat

It is suitable for everyone and this technique can be done in a maximum of 10 minutes!

Curly Hairstyle Summer 2022

Well, well…let’s say 20 if you have very long and beautiful locks!

Long haircut 2022

What trendy hairstyle of summer 2022 will you try on your next trip?

Scandi waves hairstyle 2022

Our awesome editors have already tried and re-tested this method in the DeaVita office!

Medium length haircut for women with fine hair

You can control the intensity of the curls. Make it as loose as you like!

Medium length woman haircut 2022

Amanda Seyfried has embraced beachy waves and she’s gorgeous!

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Fabulous! Jennifer Lawrence dares to rock her short hair and looks gorgeous!

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We are already addicted and declare that this style is a must for lazy girls!

Scandi Curls

Gigi Hadid looks like a real mermaid in these perfect waves!

How to do Scandi waves

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