Elvis: How the King redefined masculinity in rock

It’s annoying to see how Elton John reminds us of the Elvis of the Vegas years. Glam rock images generally reflect this special era of Elvis. Elvis of Vegas also reminds me of the music hall pianist Liberace, whose costumes were full of liveliness and dynamism.

Elvis, from what we know, was not gay, but he did play a lot with female symbols and gender stereotypes. Like queer icons like singer Cher, he had this overkill, this extravagant side, that just doesn’t sound easy on everyone (especially outside of Vegas)…

Appearance is important to artists, rock and rap today – which shows for example the Netflix show, new school. We imagine it the way a pop star like Harry Styles puts himself on stage — in dresses, with nail polish. We have to create a very strong image.

It’s hard to imagine Freddie Mercury without Marcel Tight: it’s sound and music that borrows as much from opera as heavy metal, but also from looks that will be as unsettling as they are surprising.

Elvis’ glittery getup is one of the most iconic figures in pop culture, and he’s inspired countless imitators. Has the cult of costumes and crossovers made them popular at queer parties?

against : I don’t know because when I think about it, I think of more Elvis lookalikes, ones we could have seen on Evelyn Thomas shows (laughs) lookalikes who would look like Dick Rivers by the way. In the gay community and music hall, the most common costume refers to singers Donna Summer.

Elvis’ costume almost became a disguise for the carnival. But the fact that it’s become one illustrates its iconic content, as does Jessica Rabbit’s. Diva question, it is also necessary to know that Elvis failed to play, at the end of the seventies, in A star is born With Barbra Streisand…

Did his voice bring something different from the male bells of the time?

against : It’s an interesting aspect indeed. Recently released a record from country artist Orville Beck, an official cowboy and friend of actress Riley Keough, granddaughter of Elvis – it’s all connected. Well, he definitely sounds like Elvis Presley. Elvis’s voice wasn’t really masculine despite his truly humming moments. Because it’s sexy, some intonation can seem more intrusive.

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