We tested: the trendiest hair hacks at the moment

Whether you wear long or short hair (but especially long or medium length), social networks are flooding you with videos showing how to achieve a wedding-worthy event in less than a minute? These hair tricks are not impossible, and the tricks are always good. Most of the time we’ve been tested – and surprised – and we succeed too!

High ponytail and macaron

To create more length by tying your hair into a ponytail, leave a section of hair (about a third) outside the elastic in the last bend and let this section hang from the rest.

Likewise, to give a whole lot more volume to the famous messy little bun made in 3 seconds, we surround the elastic or cheesecloth with locks or twist the lengths by twisting twice, and I promise a helping hand comes very quickly!

Article creation

Flat braids and loose buns are often chosen on the last day before washing your hair and it’s not for nothing: the hair is flatter, in other words, it hangs better! The common point of these videos is the hair stuff that we sometimes lack. This can be addressed by wetting the lengths well or using a texture product, mousse, or spray that mimics salt water.

right article


Yves Rocher Volume & Matter Volumizing Spray, 14 fr. 90 vs 150 ml

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Instant Moisturizing Cream with Aloe Vera, Christophe Robin, approx. 38 fr. 150 ml.

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Hairpins and six.

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Invati Advanced Thickening Mousse, Aveda, approx. 34 fr. 150 ml.

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Small elastic bands do not damage the hair.

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Salt Water Gel Sport Smoothing Gel Soft Like A Salt Water Bath, Bjorn Axen, Approx. 22 fr. 100 ml.

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Hair Treatment Fresh Rinjana Approx. 30 fr. 125 ml.

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Hair Tonic, Argan Oil, Coconut & Acai, Nourishes, Smoothes, Nonic, 48 fr. 45 ml

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Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner, Sephora, 12 fr. 90 vs 150 ml.

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Big clutch back from the ’90s.

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