Vibrani box adapts to coarse hair

“There are very few products in France for what is called textured, curly, curly or frizzy hair,” regrets Anisette Massanga, 35, a former corporate tax specialist. The young Congolese woman knows this subject well: during her studies at HEC, she wrote a thesis on the perception of curly hair in Western societies. In the United States there are many brands of hair products, because women are responsible for their hair. In France, this movement is much newer.” But the market is likely to be very large. According to the Representative Council of Black Associations, between 18% and 20% of the French population is of African descent.

To overcome this lack of presentation, Anicette Massanga Fibrany launched in 2019. The box model is well known. Every month, the company sends its subscribers a box containing five to seven hair cosmetics. In the case of Fibrany, these are commercial products, not samples, as is often the case in the sector. All for €29.90 per month “Saving 60% of the real value of the package”. The argument gets home: Since its pre-launch on Ulule, Fibrany has sold 350 boxes. “Our target was to sell 50. This reinforced our idea that there is a huge demand in France for this type of offer.”

To publicize her concept, the leader first created a community on Facebook and Instagram, and posted how-to videos. Since its inception, the startup, funded exclusively by equity, has joined “Future 40” at Station F, a ranking among the 40 most promising startups on campus. “It gave us the vision, especially with the investors.”

Last year, she joined the Edhec Entrepreneurs incubator as part of the French Tech Tremplin, for which she received her award. Today, the company, which achieved a turnover of 480,000 euros in the first year, is claiming several thousand subscribers. Fibrany has three employees in addition to its founding partners. It is preparing to expand its offering with an online store of 400 references allowing customers to purchase their favorite brands individually. Finally, fundraising for the next year cannot be ruled out.

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Technology, an irreparable discrimination machine?

In Europe, 56% of ethnic minority employees believe they have experienced discrimination in the technology sector, due to their origin, in the past 12 months, according to the “State of European Tech 2021” study, published by British investment fund Atomico. On the scale of the Old Continent, only 11% of startups have at least one founder diversity. Did I say “not enough”?

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