TPMP: A battle on the water erupts after an argument between two columnists!

After an argument, Bernard Montell and Benjamin Castaldi engaged in a water fight on the set of TPMP!

The rise in temperatures was clearly elevated in the brains of TPMP columnists. in full broadcast, Bernard Montell and Benjamin Castaldi have a water fight ! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

TPMP Skis as the Holidays Approach

Summer vacation is approaching and TPMP season is coming to an end. Then historians have only one wheel: to take advantage of the good weather with their toes spread.

This impatience begins to show in their behaviour. More and more scatteredThey indulge in many transgressions.

Not so long ago Cyril Hanoun moved on the giant screen of the program, Parents photos his team members.

No doubt you’ll understand that it was necessary back then Guess who they belong to. Without much surprise, the Fun Squad quickly got to know Benjamin Castaldi’s father.

Everyone knows this big name in the cinema! However, I had a lot of trouble in the following shots… We especially managed to see a widely smiling blond man, as well as a stern-faced woman.

“Is this Cloud’s father?” It’s the same haircut! “,” And so the TPMP columnists fired before leaving in great laughter.

“Don’t laugh at Cyril, it’s not over!” Then Geraldine Maillet swung. The famous animator can’t hold back! He went so far as to cry out of laughter.

We’ll learn later that it was actually a joke. MCE TV tells you more!

Bernard Montell and Benjamin Castaldi deal with the bottle

On Monday, June 20, 2022 at TPMP, Cyril Hanoun and his team of columnists returned big heat ring.

So they mentioned Floods in the Aquaboulevard water park in Paris With Deputy Director Alban Jolly.

Prior to the launch of the “Gros Doss” series, the C8 flagship host recorded a short ad page. It is at this time that a An argument erupted between Bernard Montell and Benjamin Castaldi…

We don’t know why the two TPMP columnists were so upset, but the feud continued after the pub break.

previous presenter gag video Thus he seized a water bottle to attack his teammate. He responded by emptying him on the head of his enemy.

Annoyed by the attitude of his two friends, affectionate Cyril tried to calm things down. “Stop the two, please, thank you!, TPMP host launched. Casseldi and Montell, calm down! Calm down dears please. »

One thing is for sure, then, that C8’s flagship show team hasn’t finished entertaining its fans. How will you surprise him next time? Fans can’t wait to find out the answer.

Find out too The sudden announcement of Cyril Hanoune At the end of the show!

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