PHOTOS – Hairstyles: the squares that will be a hit in the summer of 2022

To be elegant this summer, opt for a square cut. Modern and rejuvenated, it gives oomph and elegance with the flick of a scissor. Our advice and expert opinion to find the version you need.

Why wait until September to cut our lengths? The square is often associated with the wrong back cut. Summer period is one of the best seasons to surrender to this short haircut. No need to spend hours in the shower when you just want to bask in the sun, bob styling is super quick and easy. It’s also an excellent length to accentuate your favorite hair accessories: barrettes, headbands, silk scarves…

Just let your desires speak! One thing remains to be determined before you begin: the desired square pattern. According to red carpets and social media, three types of bob cut stand out this season. Decoding and advice from our expert, Gianni Cuba, from R Factory Paris.

> Fashionable squares of stars in 2022

Parisian Bob

This square is very fashionable: Audrey Tautou’s style The Wonderful Fate of Emily Boleyn. cut in the jaws, It brings volume and lightness but also a lot of elegance. For a super retro effect, decorate it with a baby fringe. ” In terms of styling, if your hair is fine, leave it natural. If it is thick or unruly, feel free to calm it down‘ advises Gianni Cuba.

> Fashionable squares of stars in 2022

shrinkage square

Also called a shaggy bob, this long square bob is worn so decadently, even chiseled at the nape of the neck, with erratic locks. ” Perfect fit if you are looking for sizeThe expert confirms. You want it to be shaggy, to accentuate the shape of the cut. To sublimate it, use after showering, spray seawater on the lengths and let dry outdoors“.

> Fashionable squares of stars in 2022

italian arena

The person you will find under the name Italian bob on social networks, is Super chic and glamorous bobs. ” Cut under the chin, it hugs the neck perfectly and accentuates the beauty of the headbandsays Gianni Cuba. Lightens features and can suit all face typesHer hairstyle is rather soft and the locks curl a little inward. Her greatest ambassadors? Monica Bellucci of course, but also actress Rosamund Pike or influencer Cassandra Cano.

> Fashionable squares of stars in 2022

Image credits: Franck Provost

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