Marie-Annick Hourel, A Life Watching Women in Prison

aYes, this gray-haired woman had been a guard in the women’s prison in Rennes for thirty-seven years. The power of his voice instantly convinces you. Marie-Annick Hurrell decided to tell her story in book (1). “I’m sick of being talked about only because of our black sheep, those who bring drugs to prison. Why don’t we talk about When We Save Lives? Like the day Marie-Annick faced an inmate pressing a splinter on the carotid artery. Anna was serving a sentence for the murder of her child as a result of ill-wishers.” treatment.With her reassuring words and gestures, Marie Annick convinced her to choose life.Anna has since returned to integration.Mary Annick would have retired at age 55.She grew to 59 in 2017 because she loved her job.She had time to help inmates integrate, Her favorite mission. That’s impossible in an overcrowded prison. But the women’s prison in Rennes survived. 96.5% of the French prisoners are men.

Work towards reintegration

Her strong character, she draws on her mother island of Groyx in Brittany. Her grandmother with a thigh deformity remembers nothing stopped when her husband went to sea. Marie Annick’s father was also a sailor, and she also had to learn management.

What do you remember from her career? Everyone can know about prison. Because weakness and accidents do not exclude anyone. Let’s not get used to brutality. That women, unlike men, do not forgive themselves for what they have done: “Society has always judged them severely. Is this why they are often treated less well in prison? Training remains unavailable to them, such as carpentry or masonry. For Marie Annick, A guest can’t blend in if I stay in bed all day. She’s a pro. Hiking saved my life. It started in 2003, when my father was dying. Even if the women’s center in Rennes is so beautiful with its monastery, we still suffocate in prison. »

(1) In the heart of the women’s prison, so. Talander, 224 p. ; 18.90 euros.

Prison by numbers

in 1Verse December 2021, according to the Ministry of Justice, there were 84,022 prisoners in France, including 2,982 women (3.5%) and 688 minors (0.8%).

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