Jared: In Bagnols, she jumped out the window to escape her attacker

The trial of the alleged sexual assailant of this 50-year-old girl who lives in Banoles-sur-Seez was held at the Nimes Criminal Court on Tuesday, June 21. The accused, who denied the facts throughout his trial, was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment.

Nadia will long remember what might have been the worst night of her life. On August 7, 2021, this 55-year-old woman sleeps peacefully in her room, window open due to the sweltering summer heat, in her apartment located on the first floor of a building in Bagnols-sur-Cèze. Suddenly, a man appeared from the window and jumped on him. Nadia struggles, pleading with whomever she thinks is a thief, to take what he wants from his apartment and leave her alone. Within seconds, the erect man takes off her clothes and tries to immobilize her by punching her. He even bites his stoop, before Nadia makes him fall to the floor. Two seconds of freedom that followed, a mother of two, sadly alone that evening at home, jumped out the window, driven by her survival instinct.

Her hip and vertebra fracture, lying in her underwear on the road, in shock, is cared for by her neighbors who immediately called the firefighters while her alleged attacker flees. He left a pair of slippers in the apartment and his DNA on the windowsill.

Six years in prison required by the prosecution

During a reform hearing on Tuesday, June 21, a 36-year-old man convicted in 2013 of rape by the Vienna Higher Criminal Court appeared under guard at the Nimes Criminal Court for sexual assault of Nadia. On the box, this sporty, short-haired man of Malagasy descent denied the allegations. “How do you explain that your genetic file was found in two places in the apartment, or that the civil party recognized you on a photographic tape?”Then the chief asks. “That evening I was with my girlfriend. My shoes were stolen during the day.”confirms to the defendant whose lawyer requested release in favor of the suspicion. “The neighbor who saw the assailant running away describes a North African man with a strong accent. This does not fit my client’s description.”Mr. Aguilar insists.

Sitting at the helm, now moved by a walker, Nadia describes in very apt way this nightmarish evening when she saw herself simply dying. “My client miraculously survived with 21 days of criminal ITT!”confirms his advice, Mr. Assorin.

Against whom – according to her – she does not want through this audience, “from trying to save his skin”Prosecutor Veronique Compan requested six years in prison. In addition to her requests, the court sentenced the accused to seven years in prison. Once the session ended, he was arrested.

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