Jared: In Bagnols, she attacks the knife she accuses of rape: eighteen months in prison

The defendant considered that the police investigation was not prompt enough. So she decided to take the law into her own hands.

Nadig, sitting in the defendant’s box at Nîmes Criminal Court Tuesday, June 21, looks very shaky. Seriously ill, moving with the help of a stick and suffering from alcoholism, this Bagnolaise appeared because he attacked a bartender with a knife in the city on June 16. The servant with whom she was to have, at her home in Banoles-sur-Seez, had a one-night stand, but now accuses her of raping her.

Eighteen months required

“You spoiled me!”She said at the beginning of the session, without anyone giving her the floor. Relativement calme, par la suite, Nadège écoute, honteuse, le président du tribunal relater comment ce jeudi 16 juin, en pleine journée, elle se serait armée d’un couteau pour aller en découdre avec Patrick (le pnomifi soné é) Workplace. “The latter will have enough time to defend himself with his arm (cut 8 millimeters deep by the blade), to keep his chest”the chief details, offended, just like the attorney general, Veronique Compan.

“While a criminal investigation into a rape case is underway, and because Madame considers that the police investigation is not going fast enough, she is now arming herself with a knife to go and settle her accounts!” A stunned prosecutor, decries eighteen months in prison, including eight to ten firm against Nadig. During her requests, the defendant constantly cut her off. “I’m sorry, I blame myself and I’ll never do it again. I’m not a violent woman”provides a challenge to red hair for a short haircut and a radiant complexion.

Already convicted of violence against her doctor in 2010 (she then attacked him with a ball pistol purchased at the show), the self-proclaimed poet, singer, and writer “published twice” (sic) pleaded guilty at the end of the morning in court. She was given a strict eight-month prison sentence and another eight suspended, however Nadège will serve her sentence at home from the start. The court ordered the wearing of an electronic bracelet due to the age and health of the convict.

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