Hairdresser Nicola Waldorf’s Advice For Beautiful Hair All Summer (Unbreakable Transformations)

Nicholas Waldorf He is the new token of the M6. After winning the final 5 amazing living roomsthe hairstylist, in complete disagreement with Luana, joins the re-extraction team atIncredible transformations on the M6. Since then, the person whose family has reacted violently to publicizing his homosexuality has helped many candidates find the look that truly resembles them. On the occasion of the publication of his book, You have an appointment ?published by Solar, Nicholas Waldorf He gives us some tips to take care of your hair all summer long.

Coloring in the summer is a high-risk interview according to Nicola Waldorf

Under the influence of sea baths and ultraviolet rays, the colors open, or even turn green or red. “Above all, don’t risk your color before the holidays!“warns the hairdresser, who is tired of the altered photos on Instagram. We do our last scan a month and a half before the big departure and avoid discoloration too far from its natural color.

Nicola Waldorf advice: Colors and tiles don’t like chlorine or salt at all, so in the pool and in the sea, simply avoid submerging your head underwater!

Nicola Waldorf’s unusual trick to catch the color that was going to turn

Sometimes, in the summer under the influence of chlorine or the sun, severely changed hair color can turn green. “As the name suggests, oxidizing hair color oxidizes. And really cool colors with chlorine can turn greenIf this weird happenstance is on vacation and you don’t have a hairdresser on hand, the host gives us a weird treat.

Nicola Waldorf advice: The ketchup ! This is a red dye and will resist green cast. We put on a few lengths to warm up the reflection. It is necessary to apply, continue, rinse and repeat the process so that there are no surprises!

Nicola Waldorf advises protecting your hair from UV rays

UV rays damage the hair fibres, whether they are colored or natural. Upon exposure, hair becomes drier, dull and brittle. “Anti-UV care is essential! It is also necessary to have a file sun ointment for skin‘, he explains Nicholas Waldorf. In spray, dry oil, spray, milk … Anti-UV hair care caters to all desires and all budgets.

Nicola Waldorf advice: To protect your hair from the sun, cover your head as much as possible with a headscarf or scarf, for example.. “

Fight dehydration, tip #3 from Nicholas Waldorf

in summer, “Between the sun, the beach and the chlorine, taking care that we don’t take time to perform, hair drier easily“On a daily basis, we adopt the protective anti-UV care and the duo dry oil,” warns the hairstylist.Great for moisturizing hairAnd the fibers are strengthened after each shampoo with a conditioner or a nourishing and/or restorative mask based on shea or jojoba oil.

Nicholas’ advice: To avoid exacerbating dryness, use shampoo only on the roots, that’s enough, and keep the treatment for the lengths.

Not much shampoo in summerNicholas Waldorf said:

In the summer, so that sources of aggressiveness do not multiply (hard water also changes the hair fiber), the professional advises to limit hair washing: “One week is enough.“When you get back from the beach, if you really can’t do without it, he admits to a quick shampoo from the roots with just a little bit of product”Even conditioner if you don’t have greasy hair, or a stiff shampoo with less detergent. We are especially careful to keep the pomade in, it is the best moisturizer we can have for our hair. They will return it to you!

Nicholas’ advice: Between two washes, use dry shampoo to deodorize the roots and remove a bit of dust.

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