Co-washing: This is the amazing new way to wash your hair to get a breathtaking mane

Tired of dirty hair? Do you want to revitalize your hair, smooth it while increasing its volume? Well, wait no longer, co-washing is for you! deflation terms deflation “to case” conditioned meaning and “wash” Meaning to wash. British hairstylist Lauren Massey created the co-wash. This technique consists of replacing the traditional shampoo with conditioner to wash your hair. If this technique may surprise you at first glance, it has proven itself though!

An amazing but tried-and-true washing method

Also known as “No poo.” Nearly 30 years ago, Lauren Massey swore by this technique to take care of her hair. If passing the course seems too difficult. The results are not long in coming. This method has many benefits. In fact, it will reduce hair damage. In fact, the conditioner is much softer than shampoos that are known to be more stripping to the hair fibers and drying out the scalp.

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Plus, shampoos are often full of agents aggressive to your hair like silicones, sulfates, and an abundance of fragrance. “Extremely gentle washing technology preserves the integrity of the hair fiber. Care for the hair to prevent it from drying out.” Remember Maryline, Personal Care Group Manager at Yves Rocher into a microphone she. Perfect for colored hair through straight or colored hair to wavy hair. Co-washing adapts to all men without a problem!

Choose the right conditioner to avoid any discomfort

Thanks to the conditioner, your scalp will be relaxed. Do not be surprised if it does not foam, this is completely normal. For an effective conditioner, pay close attention to the label. Choose conditioners rich in moisturizing agents such as proteins, glycerin, amino acids, or even vegetable oils. To avoid getting stuck with the disadvantages of co-washing. Do not drop the shampoo in one go. Gradually add co-rinse to your hair routine, alternating between shampoo and hair wash. Additionally, to avoid greasy hair loss or weight gain due to co-washing, be sure to rinse your hair well to remove all residue.


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