BAGNOLS The attacker enters his victim’s house in the middle of the night, jumps out the window to save herself

Bagnols Police Station (Photo: Thierry Allard/Objectif Gard)

The Nîmes Judicial Court sentenced a 36-year-old man of Malagasy origin to 7 years and 6 months in prison, on Tuesday, June 21, on charges of violent sexual assault, on August 7 in Banoles. In the middle of the night, he entered his victim’s house, and this person had to raise his power to escape his attacker.

He was already sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape by the Haute-Vienne Criminal Court, in 2011, the accused accused of everything, but denies the facts. ” I have nothing to do with this story, I don’t know this lady, even if she claims to know me ’, he argues at the helm in a gray shirt. The chief is surprised by his denial.” However, I officially recognized you and found your genetic fingerprint on a pair of slippers as well as on the window sill through which the attacker entered? asks Jean-Michel Perez.

DNA, Tap dance and alibi

The defendant starts off with complicated explanations. ” On the same day, she was attacked in Banwals by men dressed in black. Maybe they left my things at her house? “He suggests. Faced with this unreliable version, the judge doubled down on his suspicions.” Everything points to you: You’ve already been convicted of rape, and investigators have invalidated the argument that you’ve been with your wife since she tried to phone you all night The judge insists. The repeat offender shrugs his shoulders. “Ah yes, that is also true, I was not with my wife that evening … ‘, he admitted.

“He tore my pants!”

Leaning on a walker, the victim recognizes her attacker. ” At the police station, I didn’t really recognize him in the pictures, because he had hair, while in my memory I tried to grab him by the hair, but he didn’t have any. But I’m official here “, she bravely testifies. That evening, while she was sleeping in her bedroom, shutter shut and window open, she heard a sound and suddenly saw a head sticking out from under her shutter, about three in the morning.” jump on. While I was screaming, he punched me, I managed to shove him and shove him into the bedroom. I grabbed him by the biceps and asked him to take whatever he wanted. But it bit my face, just thinking about it still hurts me. Then I understood that I had to fight to the endas you say. Then I threw myself on the bed to pick up my phone. But he jumped on me and punched me and started choking me. I felt his cock on my back and he tore my underwear off. When I felt suffocated, I prayed in Arabic. He must be a Muslim because after that he removed the pressure and retreated. I took the opportunity to jump out the window. He wanted to kill me, and he didn’t want a witness so I wouldn’t go back to prison. »

A victim of fractures to the hips and vertebrae, and especially bruising to the thighs, she will spend three weeks in the hospital. He was placed in police custody, the suspect recognized the faucet model and a ring was discovered at the scene! In addition to his disputed argument and a mark on his wrist where the victim says he bit him, the presence of his DNA proves ” His presence on the scene is a billion times greater than another hypothesis According to the investigators. When we hide the truth, we end up locking ourselves up in our lies. And when the investigators show the opposite, everything collapses! This is what happens to you! Refers to Jean-Michel Perez.

“One chance in a billion”

The victim’s lawyer recalls the dire consequences of this assault on his client. ” What happened to her could happen to anyone, because she simply slept in the house, the window is open: she had to move to an apartment on the second floor, she is in shock, no longer sleeps at night, and she is waiting for the day to fall asleep. Hope you can rebuildSandro Asorin recalls. Meanwhile, he’s sticking to a one-in-a-billion possibility that it’s not him… »

Lawrence Aguilar defends his release in favor of this infinitesimal skepticism. ” He is said to have given no explanation, but it is wrong: he states that he was assaulted and his shoes and ring stolen. Therefore, he no longer has the items found at the crime scene in his possession.says the defendant’s attorney. It is also said that his wife is lying. But she’s not at the couple’s house, she’s at her parents’ house, which is why I called him while he was quietly watching a movie on Netflix with a friend… »

The court sentenced him to 7 years and 6 months in prison, as well as a 3 year suspended sentence. The offender records the recidivism in the court file for the perpetrators of sexual assault.

Pierre Hafeez

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