Adopt “squirrel coloring”, the trend of the moment

Every year, same tune. you love natural color But you will allow yourself to be tempted by new coloring. who gives you radiance, light It boosts your confidence. Because there is always a good reason to change the color. Breakup, new job, movement, leadership and separation. Yes, we have already said that. But it is still the most correct reason to change your mind. It is precisely at this moment that we come across beautiful images in beautiful colors. if it was arctic blonde It was a trend to follow for a very long time, those days are gone. Today, we fall into warm tonesReassuring tones light up any face. and with ” squirrel coloring page “You’re sure you won’t go unnoticed and that’s without much risk.

What is squirrel coloring?

Unless you live in a cave, you definitely haven’t missed the phenomenon that surrounds Ginger. While it has long been an outcast, now it should be. popularized by Caroline ReceiverRed never stops seducing women who want to fetch him light for their hair without having to go through blonde, who also wants to be warmer and warmer. Today, “squirrel” coloring, understand the “squirrel” comes to bring the shadow To the outspoken redheads we’ve known for a few months and Smoothing facial features.

more natural color

“The big difference compared to the previous one is that (the redhead, editor’s note) is less homogeneous. So it’s made of being scanned over or with different brass in mid-lengths and tips, giving a more natural effect ”, Tristan, the hairdresser at the hair salon, explains Hovig Etoyan.

In addition, copper in itself differs from the red that we are accustomed to seeing recently.

” The copper Softer, often in the second reflection, making an already archaic effect on Poetry “.

Thanks to this aging effect, your color will look more natural and you can go from brown to red without being too shocking.

“This is why consumers are taking the step copper this year. More natural, and therefore easier to maintain » Tristan explains and adds that this coloring can be “As it suits Brown woman Only for heads with a sweep ». We don’t know about you, but for our part, we really want to fall for squirrel coloring

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