10 Perfect Hairstyles When You Have Curly Hair

It is clear that we are not all equal in the face of a heat wave. Those who suffer the most? Without hesitation those who have Thick, long and/or curly hair. This block retains heat. To survive the sweltering temperatures, we offer only one solution: tie our hair. However, what hairstyle would we bet on to finish our look in style? Here’s some inspiration to try if your hair is curly.

Square Been watching you for months (or even years?)? Why not finally take the lead now that it’s summer? This short cut doesn’t just flatten straight or wavy hair. Curly hair can also be highlighted with a bob cut above the shoulders. Then it will be enough to take good care of the curls to show shiny and vibrant hair. In addition, this shortcut is a real time saver. Just apply a few sprays of curling enhancer, like Kérastase’s Refresh Absolu, and you’re (already) ready!

No hair coming out!

Multiple braids. This hairstyle was very popular last summer. It wasn’t uncommon to see girls wearing these multiple braids on social media like Pinterest and Instagram. It’s always super trendy, and this year we’re repurposing it to withstand the heat.

cakes; If you want to hold your hair even more, you can bet on this multi bun hairstyle. Very beautiful, is also more authentic. On the other hand, it is difficult to keep for several days. Little balls made of donuts aren’t very fun when it comes to sleeping.

vanilla; It is somewhat similar to the above multi-braid hairstyle, however, vanilla is less popular. They correspond to the twists that have the power to protect frizz and which one combs, according to one’s opinion, more or less widely, more or less in number!

Hairstyles for those who want to keep their curls free

Back ponytail. This is the perfect hairstyle for those who want to completely clean their face but would like to keep their lengths free. straighten your hair with a little gel and a brush with natural bristles; Then secure your curls with a tight elastic band.

muffler This is the accessory you need at all costs for the summer. The modern and elegant silk scarf adds an extra touch of elegance to your look and lets you release the curls from your neck. Put it under your hair and tie it to the top of the head.

Double cake. Many women choose a classic cake to escape from the summer heat. To distinguish yourself, bet, for example, on a hairstyle in the form of a double bun. Much more authentic and cute!

Thin elastics. These accessories are essential for creating the most beautiful summer hairstyles. The micro elastic bands allow for a complete hairstyle. In particular, this one, which consists of making different swings at the level of the forehead, such as a headband. gun!

Half braids Boxer. A few years ago, boxer braids were very fashionable. This summer, we wear it differently. We don’t finish the braid. We stop it at neck level and then leave the curly lengths free.

half tail. A classic hairstyle that suits all hair types…especially those with curly natures. Half ponytails lift hair away from the face while leaving the lengths loose.

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