10 months to 12 years against network members

‘Organizing for the lunatics’: On Tuesday, the Créteil prosecutor’s office requested prison sentences of between ten months and twelve years against twenty members of the Caloid network “No. 1 in Ile-de-France” who sold cannabis via Snapchat and WhatsApp.

In this trial, which takes place this week nearly two years after the network was dismantled, a 12-year prison sentence was sought for Jamal S. ..

Already imprisoned since 2018 for drug trafficking, he is suspected of having “organised, created and developed” Kaloid… from his cell.

In the box, in a shaven black shirt and his hair on his side, Zinzhen first denied his “violent” reputation. But he lost his temper while issuing the indictment and insulted the prosecutor before he got out of the room.

Among the other defendants, profiles vary, from delivery worker to lieutenant, through logisticians in charge of supply. There’s even a pastry chef, Zinzin’s sister, who introduces herself as the “Cyril Lignac” of the file, who’s responsible for delivering cakes with drug orders.

Given that she had participated in the “Rise of the Network,” the prosecutor asked against her eighteen months of suspended imprisonment.

Against other members of the network, more rank, the prosecutor requested four to ten years in prison for his active participation in cannabis smuggling and weapons possession.

Heavy penalties justified by the “crazy nature”, according to the judge, of this sprawling network, which at the beginning of 2019, in a matter of a few months, succeeded in “dumping the entire island of Ile-de-France with its chests.” Thanks to innovative marketing.

Caliweed is a brand […] Real Company,” the attorney general described, with “the design,” “the packaging,” and “the marketing including references to Pablo Escobar or +El Chapo+,” the big names in drug smuggling.

This real business strategy aims to appeal to the “young, resilient, vulnerable” population across social networks, including Snapchat and WhatsApp, “everything is structured like in a company,” the judge insisted.

Caloid, which operates in eight departments in Ile-de-France, generated revenue estimated by the prosecution at “between 2 and 5 million euros” in six months of activity.

After the requests, lawyers for two alleged delivery men, a man and a woman, requested that their clients be excused from the sentences, deeming their roles to be “fairly light” in traffic.

Defensive arguments continue on Friday.

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