With these wigs, women with cancer can continue to wear their real hair

Chemotherapy -related hair loss is a devastating ordeal, especially for women who can be attacked as an attack on their image and femininity. To help them beat the dreaded hair loss, Stephanie Retailleau, a former hairstylist and hair maker, created “Les Pas d’Chichi”: hair bobs made from the hair of cancer patients. Highlight this precious and clever invention.

During the winter of 2020, as she prepares to celebrate her 40th birthday, Stephanie Ritaio learns that she has double breast cancer.“Having a positive and combative nature, my first concern is how I will tolerate the treatment and how I can act to facilitate coexistence with it”The fighter tells Positivr.

“Keep a good selfie”

After this powerful announcement, comes the first chemotherapy sessions. And despite the tough side effects you can live with, Stephanie keeps smiling and wants to fight for her Maintain a good self-image. “The inevitable hair loss becomes my obsession. Finding a solution to their disappearance will be my hobby horse.“In the interest of seeing her sparkling image, it is reflected in the eyes of others, studying all the solutions available to her, such as artificial wigs and a compass. But it did not succeed. “None of these solutions guarantee comfort in getting to know myself and finding my identity quickly.”

Photo: On the edge of the fairies

To come to terms with her image, Stephanie Ritaio decided to cut her hair before it fell out. Goal ? Make a file Natural hair suit. She accomplished the job since she managed to deceive her entourage and even suspect an oncologist who was surprised that her hair hadn’t fallen out yet. For the fighter, these hairs quickly became an essential feature to go through a more formidable treatment ordeal.

“Hair prosthetics, made from my own hair, give me back my self-confidence, and the confidence needed to continue my adventure. The prosthesis is an element of identity, an aesthetic guru who reassures those around me and supports me on a daily basis.”

What is “Les Pas d’Chichi”?

Stéphanie Retailleau has the idea of ​​marketing her invention in order to give a smile to women who, like them, lose their hair after chemotherapy or any other disease (such as alopecia). A beautiful project that came to fruition after weeks of working with various textile and hairdressing professionals, as well as a pilot phase with models. So “Shishi steps” a Partial hair suit It is made of the patient’s hair and is accompanied by a turban.

Photo: On the edge of the fairies

“Les Pas d’Chichi” Made in Vindi, In Les Herbiers. Once the hair is received, Stephanie and her team attach a headband made of Oeko-Text Fabrics, a label that ensures there are no harmful substances. The ears of hair are then sent to the customers with a turban of the color of their choice.

The goal for Stephanie Ritaio and the entire “Les Pas d’Chichi” team is to achieve thisHelp women stay themselves during the period of chemotherapy. “It is important to stay on your nature and find yourself beautiful with your hair. That is why we wanted to allow this invention to all women who need it!”

Staying normal despite illness

You know you’re going to lose your hair and want to get your own hair piece? To do this, just order it here. Once you have completed this step, go to your stylist or cut your own hair by following these fun tutorials and/or this art sheet available to you. Then, send your hair using the delivery slip provided upon request. Stéphanie Retailleau and her team take care of the rest!

In terms of maintenance, “Don’t ask No specific or additional care. Continue that you used to do on your hair. Stephanie explains. Wash, dry and style your hair as you always do (you can find a tutorial here). Recommendation only to avoid unpleasant surprises: never put the hair piece in the washing machine or dryer!

Photo: On the edge of the fairies

To learn more about “Les Pas d’Chichi”, go here.

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