What hairstyle for long face to choose summer 2022 to balance your look?

Do you have a broad forehead and a thin chin? These are the main features of an elongated face. But a good hairstyle can soften these features. How ? By choosing the style that best suits the curves of your face, you can create a harmonious and ultra-modern look. Find out how to choose a hairstyle for long face in the following paragraphs.

What hairstyle for long face 2022?

A short, shaved haircut might not be the best option for you, but there are actually plenty of haircuts and haircuts that you can choose from. From medium to long, even some short haircuts can be a part of your look this year (and not only). As for the accessories, it’s finally time to adopt the scarf to achieve a modern look for 2022.

Bet on the tapered cut

What is the hairstyle for a woman with a long face

Pointy shoes are perfect for the summer months. Plus it will give movement to your hair. In this case, the length is irrelevant, because even short, pointed hair fits well into the elongated body shape. You can see an example in the gallery below. Just keep in mind that when choosing a short haircut, you should choose an asymmetric style.

How do you wear the pointed cut? Big beach curls are a great option that breaks up the length and returns width to the face. Ombre coloring is also a great option, as the combination of colors and highlights will balance your look visually. On the flip side, Margot Robbie style mini braids will bring you a boho chic look.

Choose margin

Hairstyle with bangs for long face

There is no doubt that bangs are the best ally for elongated faces. Whether it’s chunky, tapered, long, or asymmetrical, you’ll never go wrong with this style. Moreover, bangs give you the opportunity to try a variety of hairstyles. Braid your hair, make a shaggy low bun, tie a velvet bow. Whatever summer 2022 hairstyle you choose, bangs will be at the front to balance the proportions of your face.

fetch size

Hairstyle for long face and curly hair

Size is always a good thing when it’s in the right place. In this particular case, when looking for a long hairstyle for the face, think horizontally, not vertically. what does that mean ? Look at the photo above, the volume should be concentrated on the sides, at the level of the cheeks, and not on the top of the head, at the level of the roots.

This effect can be easily achieved with curly afro hair. But a curtain fringe is also an excellent alternative. Make sure to design it correctly with the tips pointing outward. It will add a lot of character to your style!

The perfect bob for a long face

The perfect bob for a long face

If you’re a fan of the classic bob cut, don’t make the back much shorter than the front, aka sinking bob. This technique creates sharp corners that make your face appear longer than it is.

Alternatively, try an asymmetric bob with a side parting or even combine an eternity haircut with bangs. This will hide your forehead. The result is a sophisticated look that works great with both straight and wavy hair, no matter how thin or thick it is. In terms of hairstyle, consider doing a hon (half bun). You can also wear a bandana, but with a side accessory. A turban for example is not a good idea.

Hairstyle for long face – photo gallery

Blonde Balayage on Brown Hair

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Tapered hair with curtain bangs with an ombre effect

What is a hairstyle for a long face

Short hairstyle with straight bangs and accessories with side beads

Ann-Demeulemeester_ short hair with bangs and side accessories

Here’s how to cut your hair if you want a short haircut.

Short hairstyle for long face

If you want to keep your hair long, make sure your parting is on the side.

Hairstyle for long face blonde hair

Kelly Rowland has long black hair with brown balayage and straight bangs

Kelly Rowland - Long black hair for a long face

If you want to add an accessory to your hair, make sure the item in question is on the side.

Carrie Bradshaw wedding hairstyle with feathers

French braid for short colorful hair is the perfect hairstyle for summer 2022

Medium length braided hair with red hair tie

Hairstyle for long face with hairpins

Hairstyle with hair accessory

If you tie your hair into a ponytail, make sure to leave some strands in the front.

ponytail for long face

Zooey Deschanel with a messy low bun

Zooey-Deschanel with a messy low bun

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