This summer, put some sun in your hair

Beautiful natural brunette or blonde, idea change hair colorIt has definitely crossed our minds before. But this desire manifests itself especially during the summer period. In fact, in the summer, many people find that their hair is not shiny enough. If you do not want to choose a file they change seriously or risk going through the extreme whitening box: the only solution is to lighten your skin naturally! If you want to put the sun in your hair without having to do the sometimes costly sweeping process, We invite you to follow our advice.

Lighten your hair naturally

There are natural products that can gently lighten hair without causing damage. In fact, after use, the sun’s rays will intensify their effect, creating sublime, subtle, sun-soaked reflections.

for the first time Apple cider vinegar: When hair loses light it is recommended to use vinegar. In fact, it allows the hair to be lightened little by little in the absence of light. In fact, just rinse them with an apple cider vinegar solution. In fact, if you use this rinsing method regularly, you will notice a gradual lightening of your hair. In fact, you can also use lemon juice. In fact, dull hair glows as if by magic thanks to the effect of the citric acid present in lemon juice.

Second, the mixture honeycinnamon It is also a perfect combination if you want to highlight your hair. In practice, poetryShows with hydrogen peroxide. The latter is activated when combined with cinnamon. That is why we recommend using a mask with honey and cinnamon regularly.

Finally, the chamomileMeanwhile, a plant known for its properties lightning. For example, after shampooing, you will rinse your hair with a chamomile soak and then let it dry naturally in the sun for an amazing result!

Allied products for blonde hair like the sun

However, to give a little boost to her blonde and naturally revive her golden reflections, we can also opt for cosmetics, but quality.
René Furterer’s Okara Light Mèches light-activated treatment illuminates darkened hair by highlighting patterns, nuances and contrasts. This leave-in spray contains honey to combat fading strands, as well as okara extract to deeply repair hair. Hair is instantly detangled, leaving it shiny, radiant and smooth.
A balm from the same group is also necessary for golden hair. Okara Blond Light Energizing Conditioner is a fruity and sweet scent treatment that enhances blonde highlights. In addition, the locks are soft and shaded. This brightening ritual is undoubtedly a must-have in the bathroom for blonde hair.

Klorane Chamomile Rinse Vinegar is a formula enriched with chamomile, lightening and vinegar extracts. This treatment is specifically formulated for natural or highlighted blonde to brown hair, whether colored or bleached. You can use it pure or diluted to restore the radiance, vitality and luster of your hair.

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