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The image of MPs in suits and ties, from high school, practicing intellectual or liberal professions, repeatedly sticks to the skin of Parliament. Sunday’s results put (a little) wing lead for this shot. Occupations that were not previously represented in the bicycle will enter there. Like Rachel Keke, of course, a housekeeper at the Ibis hotel, whose election in the Val-de-Marne was very remarkable. “We need these profiles, these workers, these employees we never see, we never hear. This is good news: finally, these voices will be heard,” Manuel Bombard, right-hand man of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and elected deputy in Marseille, is excited. In a recent opinion article in Release, Writer Eric Voillard reported that there was only one qualified worker under the previous legislature, in the person of Caroline Fiat, a nursing assistant and LFI deputy at Meurthe-et-Moselle. Earned him a contempt nickname “Bac-2” From the ranks of Macron. A small review of the new profiles.

Elected Nupes

Rachel Keke, maid (Val de Marne)

The “warrior” Rachel Kiki is going to make a resounding entry into the bloody bike. She wants a 48-year-old nanny and maid Create a stir. And she has things to say. Spokesperson for the long and brave strike led by the maids of the room at the Ibis Batignolles in Paris, the new team intends to represent “invisible” At the Bourbon Palace. Born in Senegal, she is a CGT activist and supporter of La France insoumise who is the daughter of a clothes saleswoman and a bus driver. She remembers as if yesterday was her first day as a cleaning lady in 2003. She says: “It’s a job that destroys the body. There are carpal tunnel syndromes, tendinitis, back pain…” On Sunday evening, Rachel Keke said, shortly after her victory over former Sports Minister Roxana Marasinho: “I am the voice of the voiceless. I am a maid, a housekeeper, a security guard, a nurse’s aide, a home helper: I pursue all these invisible professions. And these professions will be visible in the National Assembly.”

Mathilde Huygent, organic farm worker (Ille-et-Vilaine)

Elected under the label Nupes, Mathilde Huygent, just 29 years old, made an impressive entry into the association. نشأت في La Chapelle-Bouëxic ، وهي بلدة يبلغ عدد سكانها 1500 نسمة جنوب غرب رين ، حيث كان والداها ، “Pioneers of Organic Agriculture”, At the head of the farm produces cider, cider, cereals and potatoes. She herself works as a farm worker on this organic farm. Mathilde Hegne has been closely associated, since the age of 15, with the Rural Christian Youth Movement (MRJC). She also holds a kitchen clerk diploma which allowed her to work in a nursing home in her town.

Laurent Alexandre, flight attendant (Aviron)

Elected Deputy Nupes at Aveyron, Laurent Alexandre is a skilled worker at Collins Aerospace. He lives in the former coalfield, where the Société aveyronnaise de Metallurgie (SAM), a subcontractor of the Renault car group, was liquidated in 2021. And Laurent-Alexander wasn’t exactly a newbie to politics, he’s also been mayor since 2020. Daupin, A city with a population of 4000 people. This is where Jean-Luc Melenchon launched his presidential campaign by holding the first meeting in May 2021, on the topic of employment. للقرية تهمة رمزية قوية: في عام 1869 ، أطلق الجيش النار على الحشد هناك لتفريق العمال المضربين. The result: 14 people were killed, including a 7 -year -old girl and 22 wounded.

Marianne Maxime, educator (Puy-de-Dôme)

Born in Normandy, in Clermont-Ferrand, Marianne Maxime was elected on Sunday under the colors of the Nupes. After a history course at university, this professional teacher practices her public service career with adopted children. She works at the Departmental Center for Children and Families.

Martine etienne, a retired messenger carrier

She’s now retired, but rebellious Martin Etienne, Newbie’s new deputy, started her career as a mailwoman in 1977. That was the time of the PTT. Trip ended at the desk. النقابية في CGT ، مناضلة من أتاك ، كانت دائمًا ملتزمة باليسار واليوم نائبة عمدة لونغوي. A city far from insignificant: there steelmakers fought back in 1979 against the closure of factories in the area. Then a radio support was born: Lorraine Coeur d’Acier.

Anna Beck, CPE (channel)

Anna Beck made the outgoing deputy, Sonia Karimi, bend. مشرفة في كلية لمدة سبع سنوات ، قررت اجتياز مسابقة المستشار الرئيسي للتعليم (CPE) ، والتي تنجح فيها. She is now a CPE at Lycée Victor-Grignard in Cherbourg. ولدت لأم حاصلة على درجة الدكتوراه في الحضارة الإسبانية وأب مدير مكتب بريد ، وفقًا لما ذكرته press channel, Complete a master’s degree in social anthropology at “Trauma associated with cultural rupture”. This led her to go several times to Honduras.

Muriel Lebevreaux, Secretary (Cote d’Armor)

I applied, but to no avail, five years ago. Murielle Lepvraud tried her luck again this year. The bingo. At the age of 46, Gangan’s secretary had just been elected a deputy, thanks in large part to the Union of Left Forces. his priority? Defense of public services. She is the daughter of a doctor and a teacher and trained in selling books. So Muriel Leibfraud worked in libraries and media libraries before embarking on the Accompanying Students with Disabilities (AESH).

Elected majority

Didier Lemerre, firefighter (Haut-Rhin)

دعونا لا نتوقع أي شيء ، ولكن إذا اندلع حريق في قصر بوربون ، فهناك من سيكون لديه ردود أفعال جيدة. ديدييه لومير ، المنتخب حديثًا تحت راية الأغلبية الرئاسية (LREM) ، هو رجل إطفاء محترف في أوت رين. He lives in Altkirch, on the outskirts of Mulhouse, and is married to a nurse. Five years ago, the regional newspaper Alsace choose him “Alsatian week” Didier Lumer just saved the life of a football player who had a heart attack. He was just a spectator of the match, but he did not hesitate to appear on the field to perform a quarter-hour heart massage on the victim, whom Samo finally took care of.

Hubert Ott, SVT Instructor (Out-Rhin)

He is a walker and he is a wanderer. He walked in the first hour, as we used to say in political jargon since Emmanuel Macron appeared on the political scene in 2017. At the age of fifty-seven, Hubert Ott is passionate about the environment and viticulture, thus hiking the Vosges. He is also Professor of Life and Earth Sciences (SVT) at Essenheim College in the suburbs of Mulhouse. It was he who created, more than thirty years ago, the Rouffach Incitement Nature Association, which was presented as a leader in environmental protection in the region.

Eric Martino, apple producer (Sarth)

خلف الكؤوس الداكنة ولحية من الملح والفلفل لبضعة أيام ، لم يُنتخب إريك مارتينو تقريبًا. In the first round, this modem candidate arrived behind the National Assembly. He finally succeeded in winning the second round, by wire, collecting 50.98% of the vote. Eric Martino, apple producer at organic orchards, is 54 years old. This farmer’s son took over the family farm set up at the end of the 19th century, which he says he turned into “Organic production and environmentally responsible, in short circles” And on the farm “agricultural”.

RN . elected officials

Jorys Bovet, Delivery Driver (Allier)

His election was a surprise on Sunday. With 50.22 % of the votes against the left, Jorys Bovet won in Allier. This new elected official is locally unknown, a 29 -year -old delivery driver. He got his card with the far-right party less than two years ago. From the world of work As he introduces himself, he claims to want “Defense” And the “Energizing” Its lands suffer from a decline in manufacturing and very high poverty rates. Jorys Bovet announced to the regional daily newspaper the mountain Several days ago.

Lisette Bullitt, Housekeeper (Drum)

Lisette Polit, 54, the first female MP in the history of the RN in Drôme, comes from a family originally from Portugal. After working at Elior, where she was the employee representative attached to CFDT, and then at Sodexo, two well-known catering companies, Lisette Bullitt until recently held the position of housekeeper at a private school. In Valence, according to France Bleu.

Grégoire de Fournas, vineyards (Gironde)

A member of the RN, close to Edwige Diaz, also elected in the Gironde, Grégoire de Fournas will sit on the bicycle seats. Viticulture at BTS, he is at the helm, with his father, at Château Vieux Cassan, in Saint-Germain-d’Esteuil, a small town in Médoc. A staunch defender of hunting, adamantly opposed to wind turbines whose installations he fiercely fights, Grégoire de Fournas is today a vineyard. He took over the family torch in 2010.

Beric Bertlott, sailor (North)

Perik Bertlot is 23 years old and works as a hunter. Says : “I want to prove to people that age is just a number and maturity is a choice.” In 2013, he entered the Naval Vocational High School in Boulogne-sur-Mer (Pas de Calais), where he revealed that he was a victim “Provocation” because of “overweight” and the sound “Homosexuality”. a “accelerator” of his political commitment, as he is also a municipal and regional advisor. Having worked as a sailor in many countries including the United States, Beric Bertlott now works for a ferry company between France and England.

Angelik Rank, Mother’s Mother (AUIB), RN was elected

she was “contaminated” Ideas from Jean Marie Le Pen. These are his words. دخلت أنجيليك رانك إلى السياسة من خلال زوجها الذي شاهد مقاطع الفيديو لبطريرك اليمين المتطرف. “By watching and listening to Jean -Marie Le Pen videos”And it also ended up taking care of it. هو ، للمرة الثانية ، “برنامج RN” الذي أقنع هذه الأم في المنزل ، مستشارة العملاء السابقة ، “to commit”.

Daniel Grenon, retired trader (Yon)

White poetry and glasses on his nose, as it is far from being familiar in the media. At 73, Daniel Grenon describes himself as Free retiree. He defeated the Left Union candidate by 700 votes on Sunday in the Yoon 1 district. Enthusiastic for shooting, the man claims his local roots and affiliation “Always” To train a Lepenist. He was also on the RN roster for Julian O’Doll during the last regional elections. For a long time, he was running a canned food restaurant specializing in regional products.

Romain Beaupre, Policeman (Bush du Rhone)

The two-year gendarme, five-year prison guard and now a policeman, wants Romain Beaubre to put security above all else. He was elected a deputy for the National Rally Party on Sunday and set its priorities: Safety of the French. This far-right national team official is currently training in Nîmes, in the Gard region, after serving in a night brigade in Vaucluse. As a police officer, I knew three presidents of the republic, Sarkozy, the Netherlands and Macron. I know what they are capable of and above all what they are not capable of. He said before winning.

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