Prison closed to three perpetrators of lynchings in Brive (Correz): ‘the intent to kill wasn’t too far away’

Tonight from July 31 to August 1, 2021, in Brive, the victim, a 24-year-old man, remembers that night as a night spent in Hell. For five hours, four men (including a minor who would later stand trial) chased after him, to no avail. At the end of a lengthy investigation conducted by the search team, three of his torturers and a young woman witness to the violence were presented without interference, on Monday, June 20, before the Brive Criminal Court.

Attacks a man for no reason in the middle of a street in Brive (Correz): Court orders psychiatric expertise

The investigation began with the discovery of a damaged Renault Clio in Usak in the early morning of August 1. After a quick search, the owner was found in the emergency room in Brive, with severe facial injuries. He was not at the scene. He had been lowered there a few hours earlier. The car accident will pass very quickly in the background.

Neither beast nor human

In fact, the facts alleged against the accused are of a different nature. At the hearing, to describe them, the civil party’s attorney, I, Isabel Somi, did not dare to speak of “bestiality”, because “animals do not cause suffering for the sake of pleasure.” Emily Abrantes, the attorney general, “continues to seek the humanity of the three main defendants.”

During this night, in a park on the Ile du Roy, in Brive, two respondents began to ask their target for the keys to his car. “We quietly told him to give it to her, otherwise things would go wrong,” warned Maxim Khrob, 21. The threats were not so difficultly worded that the young man, “quietly,” received a big slap in the head. First Brian Vincent, another striker, later called it sarcastically, “a round of punches.”

Once in the car, the beating begins. While one of them is driving, the others rush towards the victim and threaten him with death: they pull their hair, put their fingers in their eyes and beat. In an attempt to get out of it, the young man pleads and tries to trade his freedom for alcohol. without result.

“I didn’t know how to act”

Drunk with violence, the group stops in Tojak’s garden, in a corner, far from the surveillance cameras, near a table. The cycle of violence resumes. The blind victim hears, “We’ll put you in your car and burn it all.” “I hit him so he couldn’t speak,” said third striker Jesse Marie-Louise, 22. We hit the ribs and impose “punishments” on the victim’s head. The head that is crushed in passing on asphalt. “We are swimming in a delirium of violence,” Emily Abrantes summed up, claiming a six-month suspended prison sentence and five years.

“I didn’t know how to act,” admitted the only woman in command, the 19-year-old who had been accused by the prosecutor of doing nothing. She saw the battered victim vomiting blood. ‘But was she really able to interfere in the face of four violent, alcoholic men?’ asks his lawyer about me, Marie Eponine Foret.

“Execution outside the law”

“It was a mass execution in order, Somi begged. At first we hit a car, then we forget the victim who attacked him. We are looking for comas. The intent to kill was not far off.

Was it a flash of clarity, or advice from the attackers’ relatives, that prompted them to disembark the victim (10 days ITT) at the hospital, thus putting an end to this infernal spiral? And the discussions, as long as the attack itself, did not highlight the point. Without saying a word, the man who had been beaten, with his head bowed in his hands, heard the sentences handed down to the four accused: six months’ suspended sentences for those who said nothing, five years against Brian Vincent, and four years against Jesse Marie Louise. And three years approaching, two of them against Maxim Kharup.

Pierre Vignod

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