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Following the second round of legislative elections, France entered an unprecedented political sequence with a National Assembly without a clear majority, as the National Assembly came into effect.

How do you rule without an absolute majority? Who will replace the defeated ministers? What political concessions should be made and with whom? Will the left remain united? What program for the far-right MPs, who will be over 80 to sit in the air circle? In the wake of the legislative elections, Emmanuel Macron found himself facing a deeply fragmented National Assembly. Doomed to authorship.

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Macronie is no longer coming out of ni-ni. “Unfortunately, we had cases where it was very difficult to determine who was the most Republican candidate. Watch a duel between François Ruffin and the National Rally “, Aurore Bergé dared France Info on Monday, the day after the far-right’s historic penetration into the National Assembly. The Macron deputy from Evelyn added that there is a Permeability between different far-left and far-right electors.



Who chairs the Finance Committee? Newly elected Uyss deputy and National Rally spokesman Philippe Ballard on Monday demanded that the National Assembly’s Finance Committee chairperson be reinstated to a deputy from Marine Le Pen’s party. this position “For fifteen years in the opposition majority party, remembered on France Info. He went, “We are the first party in France” And the “The first opposition party, so the Finance Committee is up to usSaucepan. It would be a very good thing, the least of things, and it would be an application of our scripts.” Since 2007, the decisive position of the head of the Finance Committee has traditionally belonged to the largest opposition group. It was occupied under former legislature deputy LR Eric Woerth – and passed in the spring in the ranks of the majority feline.


Fesneau is not against the idea of ​​RN chairing the Finance Committee. The former Minister for Relations with Parliament, and the current Minister of Agriculture, Marc Visnow surprised his world Monday morning by estimating that the presidency of the National Assembly’s Finance Committee could be chaired by a far-right deputy during the term of the new legislature: This committee belongs to the largest parliamentary bloc. Although it does not satisfy me, it imposes itself on you and on me. The question is not whether that makes me happy, the question is the constitution.”


In Seine-Saint-Denis, the square full of Nupes. Twelve deputies to fill twelve seats: Left coalition hijacks everything in the district, a “Grand Championships”according to Representative Clementine Auten, in an interview with France Info.


Richard Ferran records history (in spite of himself).


Phew from the relief at the headquarters of Clément Beaune. Joy, long hugs, raised fists, eyes flushed with emotion … Clément Beaune’s face appeared on the only television screen of the institution, which was purchased for the occasion. The Minister Delegate for Europe, nominated for the 7th district in Paris, divided between three provinces (4th, 11th, 12th), has just won by a short margin (50.7% against 49.3%) against her newbies rival Caroline McCurry. “Honestly, I couldn’t believe it.”, whispered at the age of forty, with gray hair, a smile on his face, a glass of wine in his hand. As if the disappointment of Emmanuel Macron’s nationwide party was just a distant memory. Read our report.


In the dorm, a former cleaning lady selected under the RN colors. Lisette Poulet, 54, is the first female RN female MP to be elected in Drôme, in Montélimar. Hired by Elior and then Sodexo, she served as the cleaning team leader at a private school in Valencia until last fall when she decided to dedicate herself to her political career.


In Seine-Saint-Denis, Garrido put an end to the Lagarde era. frantic texts, unbelievable smiles, then an explosion of joy:”UDI is over! Raquel to the assembly! ” SanAwaiting the official results, the militants of the Communist Party, which had captured the city from UDI in the last municipal elections, cried for joy when rebel Raquel Garrido declared victory on BFMTV, just before 10 p.m. From the balcony, his companion, LFI MP Alexis Corbier, elected in the first round in the adjacent district, greets the crowd. Oh fuse, we fall into the arms, we kiss, we cry. “Date”: Nupes candidate on Sunday sacked Jean-Christophe Lagarde, a twenty-year MP for Seine-Saint-Denis’ Fifth District and head of UDI’s strongman. Read our report.

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The press highlighted Macron’s personal defeat. “slap”, “slap”And the ‘humiliating defeat’And the ‘bitter denial’The press did not have strong enough words on Monday morning to describe the setback suffered by President Emmanuel Macron’s camp in the legislative elections, which he will have to learn to compose, according to the editorials. In a close-up on the front page of most newspapers, the face of Emmanuel Macron, who bowed his head in Liberation or Les Echos or lips intertwined in Today in France, for newspapers right and left, illustrates a personal defeat for a state president. Read the press review.

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