Lawn Assize Court – Jack Ranson Trial: “Life is hard. I’ll ask for the condition”

Jack Ranson has been on appeal since Monday, June 20, before the Laon Assize Court in Essen for the murder and rape of Isabel Messnage, a 20-year-old computer scientist who disappeared on June 28, 1986 in the Somme. Her body was found a few days later. On the first day of the trial, if he still denies responsibility in this case, the 62-year-old former forklift driver assumes his other crimes with icy coldness.

A year since we haven’t seen him in the killer’s chest at Perpignan Station. Exactly since June 2021 when he appeared in Amiens on this same issue, the June 1986 murder and rape of Isabelle Mesnage. So we can’t help but examine what in Jack Ranson, who shows surprising transformations with each of his appearances, has changed yet again. The same tangled and dripping hair still flowed down the back of his neck, plain white T-shirt, pale skin. But, having reduced his weight by about thirty kilograms, his voice became undeniably more corroded and aged. Paradoxically, the cold, blank look cast upon his fine spectacles without the slightest effect, even when it comes to reminiscing about his bloodthirsty past in the Pyrenees-Orientales, is more emphatic, a little more chatty. As if he had left the horror behind, 1,000 kilometers from this wood-panelled courtroom and chapel windows.

On September 6, 1996, Jack Ranson was released from nearly 5 years behind bars in Amiens for rape. On the same day he jumped on a train bound for Perpignan. He doesn’t know anyone, but he The lowest city in France. He takes a hotel 20 meters from the station and immediately finds a job as a temporary driver. Four days later, he attempted to rape a young woman on the Arago Bridge. “ Perpignan is a beautiful city”, Agrees before specifying to the president without asking him to do so. “This is where I did my assassinations in 1997 and 1998. Mary Helen Gonzalez and the People’s Bookshop.” for “Revenge” He justifies now, that he went to jail because of it “I wanted to have sex with a woman”. Jack Ranson is like that, incapable of suffering others. There is a huge gap between his interpretations and the horrific reality of his actions. Without any regrets. It is inaccessible even to the convoy of psychiatrists and psychiatrists who have tried to investigate the matter over the years.

“Whether they’re human, that doesn’t change a thing for me.”

Perpignan is a mistake in my life. Mukhtaria was screaming so hard that I stabbed her in the heart 12 times. The other strangled her. When they shout or call the police, I panic. Perhaps it is not at all normal to attack and kill someone. But when I have women of my own, I don’t do nonsense”. And on the reports of specialists, the indefensible confessions are connected with each other. In the same separate tone.
Mutilation of the corpse? “JI don’t know what prompted me. But DNA erasure struck me as a coherent answer. Whether they are human beings makes no difference to me. Then, I was able to evacuate to get it out of my head. Now that I think about it, it hurts a little.

Especially why? “What do you want me to tell you? I don’t know why. Lack of love, moment of loneliness, lack of women. I wouldn’t have become a killer if they let me do what I want, that’s how I became a killer.” They don’t like me, and everyone is mad at me for what I’ve done. Life is hard, it’s long, it’s awful, I get what I deserve. But I will ask the condition. I will be seventy-three years old and not living the elderly in the family…”

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