Dark circles, tiredness, and natural hair bring a bottle to his son’s “I’m the Biggest Loser”.

Julien Doré is the proud father of a little boy born in the year 2021. The singer makes keeping his family life a secret an honor. Nothing can hinder the serenity of a person who has decided to return to live in Cévennes in order to reconnect with his roots.

I am from the south. I was born in Alice, in the heart of Sevin. I grew up in Lunel, in Hérault. When I’m here, I feel more open to my surroundings ‘, reach Governorate in 2019.

If Julien Doré has been conservative about certain aspects of his private life, he still shares some snippets with his fans. And so, after seeing him ride his son’s Christmas toys but also seeing him with his baby in his arms, Julien Doré shows a new side of his everyday life.

In a short sequence relay on the account Instagram From Magical momWe fully discover the singer in his role as a father. He appears in a green place, his hair in the wind. His face shows some signs of fatigue. A pacifier and a bottle in one hand, a water bottle in the other, focuses on filling his son’s bowl. Pour a few drops and get wet. Then we hear the tone of his songs “I’m the Worst Loser Oh Oh”. The perfect chorus to illustrate the moment. This is one loser Which he shares with Michel, a rapper from Valencia. An offbeat title, imbued with self-irony and humor that blends the lyrics in French and Italian.

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Become a father in the greatest esteem

In March 2021, Public revealed the birth of Julien Doré’s child. Sharing exclusive information based on photographers’ photos. Then the singer appears on the street alongside a woman whose identity is still preserved. She is holding a newborn baby in her arms. According to the magazine, the baby was born in Nice in the same maternity ward that saw the birth in 2008 of Vivian and Knox Jolie-Pitt, twins Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

In an interview with Nikos Aliagas for Gala, Julien Doré confides that he has become a father. When Julien Doré was asked what sentence he never thought he would say, he replied: I make a bottle? He also admits that he is annoyed by the word. dad “And he’s wearing it now and it never occurred to him to hear it in his life.

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