Curly Fringe: 5 Things I Learned From Getting My First Fringe

Lauren Valenti Beauty Editor at Vogue UK. She tells us about her experience with bangs on curly hair. From fear of breaking down, to wanting to never change again, she gives us all her tips, with the help of professional hairstylists, to enhance our style with bangs:

How did my love affair with my bangs begin?

After this confinement period, we all had a funny wish: to go on with what we’d been hesitant to do for so long. For me, that cool move was cutting my bangs with curly hair, finally. It was my friend and hairdresser thing mischa ji He’s been begging me to do this for years, but I haven’t had a chance yet to test. He told me it would change your life. Misha J. And she was right.

In the fall of 2020, ready to take the leap, I made my first trip to the Treehouse Social Club, the living room of mischa ji Which I managed to regenerate from top to bottom and unlock in the middle of the pandemic. Over there in this new living room Nirvana, cut the unwanted lengths due to the pandemic and gave me a curtain bang that fell just above my eyebrows, as well as a series of shaggy locks. The new curly bangs did everything a great transformative haircut is supposed to do. She made me feel like a completely different person, a new and improved version of myself, and raised “oohs” and “aahs” from loved ones and a few strangers. Even though I don’t say “never” when it comes to my hair, I can’t imagine it anymore. Start She has curly bangs.

Here’s a quick summary of what I’ve learned so far about living with curly bangs.

Fringe is transformative

By their nature, bangs have a huge impact on facial features and proportions. It’s totally natural for a haircut with bangs to have a transformative effect. Personally, I’ve found that bangs softened my face, softening a bit from the roughness of my thick, dark brows, while adding more definition and focus on my cheekbones. “Depending on where you cut it, you can use bangs to accentuate or draw attention to the features you want, or to make your look stronger or softer,” explains this mischa ji.

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More volume, more texture

She told me, “One of my favorite things to show clients with new curly bangs is what the hair looks like when it’s tied up.” Misha J. From high buns to high braids, extra “tufts,” as you like to call the layers of hair that pile up around the face, are game-changing. The added volume and texture that comes with it is very beneficial, especially for curls, and makes it more interesting. as such Vernon Francois He once told me, “Bangs are very versatile: they can be bold, sexy, even sexy, but they also enhance your hairstyle without being overpowering. They are soft and romantic.”

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