Take the mobile killer to his grave

The engine of a red Porsche roars as it parks in front of the black and green driving school at 25 Grande Rue Saint-Cosme in Chalon-sur-Saône, in Saône-et-Loire. A tall man, with short blonde hair and a three-day beard, sticking out from his chest. He takes a firm step towards the driving school. Inside, the staff are holding their breath. Is Jonathan Conn, their boss, in a good mood?

The 38-year-old is really versatile. On good days, men are the most attractive, and on bad days, it’s better not to be noticed. Sarah Gojon, 38, also knows this better than anyone. Administrative Secretary of the Driving School since it opened in 2016, she is also a childhood friend of Jonathan Kony. And despite their long friendship, he didn’t excuse her from being angry at her for nothing. A document that has not yet been completed, an appointment has not been set, and he talks to her like no one else.

moody and scornful

A behavior that shocks Dulcinéa, teacher from August 2017 to February 2019 at the institution. “ How can you bear this? If he has something to say to you, he should say it in the other room I tried several times to convince Sarah. But the sweet and shy Sarah would never dare speak against Jonathan and look down behind her big glasses.

She’s not the only one bearing the brunt of Jonathan’s mood. Dulcinéa is regularly taken to work: one day because she couldn’t park the school’s driving car in the parking lot, another because she dared add a student to her Facebook account. When I finally left the company, after bitter discussions for my severance pay, I tried to keep in touch with Sarah, but one day, it’s Jonathan who answers her phone. “ You don’t have to talk to my secretary! Spit before ending the call.

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In the commercial district that surrounds the driving school and the Chalon-sur-Saone station, we flee from Jonathan like the plague. There are inappropriate musings of a retired neighbor about her autopsy. Or a local who stands in the parking lot in front of a driving school and is severely challenged by Conn: “ Move your trash! It’s my place! Since 2016, Jonathan Kohn has built a solid reputation as an obnoxious and full of himself. ” When he moved in, he said he’d revitalize the neighborhood! As if the neighborhood had never been alive before. And then, before him, there was already a driving school. Nothing has changed! » Baker’s comment.

cup family

Jonathan prides himself on his professional success, appearing with his companion, Audrey Kleiman, a gorgeous young brunette, ” Similar to models They say those who met her and her 5-year-old daughter Albany. ” looks like trophies ‘, attach in the station area.

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Audrey, in her 30s, is a laboratory technician at Chalon-sur-Saone Hospital. She met Jonathan around 2016. He already has a son from his first union. Sober, beautiful, she devotes all her free time to her little daughter, with whom she has developed a close relationship. Albany is her vibrant and passionate image of dance.

Since the beginning of their relationship, Audrey has become attached to Sarah Gojon, who is herself in a relationship, and the mother of twins. The couple – Jonathan Audrey and Sarah and her companion – organize dinner together or a walk on the weekend.

Domestic Violence

On the outside, they make up a happy quad. However, the reality is darker. On October 6, 2019, Audrey and Jonathan invited the young woman’s parents to dinner. That evening, Jonathan spoke harshly and violently. He takes her on his partner, and pushes her around, with her parents as witnesses. This does not happen. Audrey’s parents push her to go to the police station, but she refuses to file a complaint. The public prosecutor offers an alternative to the ruling. In June 2020, he must enroll in a two-day domestic violence awareness course. However, on his criminal record, there are already two convictions of domestic violence on his ex-boyfriend.

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For the months that followed, Audrey said nothing about what was going on in the house. Was this the only outburst of violence I experienced? Rue de Lavoir in Gergy where the couple lives in a majestic white house fortified behind a high wall, nothing turns into something of their daily lives.

bad season

However, at the end of 2021, Audrey left Jonathan. She returned with Albany to live with her family in Vignoles, in the neighboring Côte d’Or. Jonathan is left alone in his home in Girgi. He never tells anyone about the breakup, not even his friends. We do note, however, that he is losing weight, but the man has weight machines at home and probably used them a lot, it is estimated.

Sarah Gojon, too, has noticeably changed her behavior. She, by her very nature already reticent, seems to withdraw into herself. You hardly say hi to people who live near a driving school when you’re on the sidewalk smoking a cigarette. She, who is very friendly with Audrey, is embarrassed about the situation?

Three bodies and a wanted poster

On Sunday, May 8, as they have solidified since the breakup, Audrey comes to Albany’s Jonathan’s Gerges pick-up in the morning so the little girl can spend the day with her father. It was agreed to receive it at 5 pm. She’s supposed to make a round trip and back to Vignoles with her daughter. But at 7 pm, never having seen her return, her brother and sister-in-law became anxious. They failed to reach her and alert the police. A patrol is sent to Rue Lavoir. Once inside, the cops fall into a bloodbath. Audrey and Albany were killed by multiple stab wounds. While a security perimeter was set up in Girgi awaiting the arrival of the scientific police and medical examiner, another patrol was called 20 kilometers away.

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It’s 9:17 p.m. when emergency services arrive in the California business district of Saint-Rémy, on the outskirts of Chalons-sur-Saone. In an abandoned parking lot, a man and his brother are crying next to a car. They had just discovered Sarah Goojun’s body, her throat clogged with a bloody wound. Despite their quick intervention, the emergency services could do nothing to save her. Then his companion tells the police what happened. At 6:15 p.m. Sarah gets a call from her boss and boyfriend, Jonathan Cooney. He asked her to come and help him take care of his daughter while he was giving birth. He was in that parking lot where he gave her an appointment.

“Suicide Bridge”

In the call center at 17, the agent conducted a contact between the two cases. That of Gerges and St. Remy. Jonathan Cohn is the prime suspect in the three murders. The search notification is launched immediately. Important police devices are mobilized while we are able to geolocate our phone. It is more than 200 kilometers from Châlons-sur-Saone, in Alonziers-la-Caille between Geneva and Lausanne. For those close to Audrey, the city’s name sways.

Last summer, Jonathan had taken his wife and child on holiday there to see the Pont de Quays, an architectural feat called “ suicide bridge The gendarmes who had been sent to the site should arrive the next morning, Monday 9 May, to explore the strait into which the feet of the building had sunk. As day approached, they discovered the dead body of Jonathan.

What is the motive?

Two women and a girl were stabbed to death, and another committed suicide. This issue created a wave of sentiment across the region. Everyone seeks to understand the inexplicable. Insanity or premeditated murder? A fellow principal of Jonathan’s Driving School assured him: “ He predicted himself. We were scheduled to see each other at the beginning of June at a conference that brought together principals of driving schools. He was in such a hurry that it was happening in Mandelio and he told me he was coming with his secretary. »

Did Jonathan Audrey Kill Her Daughter Because He Couldn’t Stand Parting? But then why choose Sarah? Some have mentioned a possible affair between her and Jonathan. ” Childhood friend Sarah, we are unlikely to hear that they could have had an affair. It is completely wrong! Sarah’s friend categorically answers.

There would have been an exchange of letters between Sarah and Audrey on the day of the tragedy. Audrey could have tried to warn the administrative secretary about Jonathan Cooney’s violence. Did the latter hold Sarah responsible for his separation from Audrey? So many questions that may never have answers. The only person who made them threw himself off the suicide bridge.

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