Clementine, world champion in Toulouse in Foosball

On June 28, Clementine Tomar will travel to Nantes for her fourth selection for the French women’s team for the Table Tennis World Cup. Toulouse wants to return to the podium after the failure of 2019.

It is in Toulouse, in her parents’ house, equipped with a room with the football table for which Clementine is preparing, two weeks before the World Championships. A place that reminds her of her first ping pong debut when she was still a student. Today, 27 years ago, the student has become a young woman. The happy mother of a five month old baby girl. Her soft brown hair has given way to beautiful natural curls. A month after giving birth, Toulouse is already back in training. A new stage in his life increased his resolve. “I think I’m back stronger than I was,” she says confidently.

In March 2022, she won the title of Vice Champion of France. An unexpected victory after many interruptions, including one related to the health crisis. The next challenge is fast approaching: the World Championships in Nantes, from June 28 to July 3. It will have three single events, two women and one mixed. A series of deadlines between January and June which always boosts his motivation.

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Ingredients for victory

To reach this level, Clementine has always held steady. An essential trait according to which to succeed. Faithful to her beginnings, Clementine still trains at Toulouse Fédéaux-Football des Tables in La Lande. Between six to seven hours of exercise a week she has managed to come to terms with her family life. “I try to be very organized with a schedule in my head, if I put it on paper it would scare my mate I think,” she says in a sarcastic voice. So she puts herself in her bubble so that, on D-Day, she just has to take her bag and leave for Nantes. After years of experience the hero knows the miraculous recipe. She always takes grated carrots, “because it’s fresh and sticks to the stomach,” accompanied by drops of sweet acid “it’s my push against hypoglycemia.” His competition bag also contains soccer balls, balls and pads against blisters that form over matches.

A passion she shares with her community

The table tennis specialist, who is wearing a blue Bonzini jersey, wants to represent her sport in the best possible way. In 2017, she became one of the first French footballers to have an Instagram account. Three years later, she created her YouTube channel “clembabyfoot”. “I wanted to open up table football and make it available,” she explains. Recently, Clémentine launched in vlog form, vlog in video form. This is the diary you intend to share for the World Cup at the end of the month. The networks make it possible to talk about a sport that, in her view, is still under-publicized and under-feminised. “In the national circuit, I would say there are about twenty women against three hundred players,” the 27-year-old estimates.

A head full of dreams

For the tournament, Clementine will accompany her husband, granddaughter and parents. Basic support for days starting at 9 AM and ending at 9 PM. This return to global competition fuels ambitions. Win the gold of course, but also why not take part in the European Championships. For Toulouse, no matter the outcome, “the passion for football will always be there”.

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