What does your hair reveal about your personality?

Have you ever completely changed your appearance? Usually this is done on a whim, or After a change in our life. You can cut your hair as if you were turning an important page in our history. Goodbye to the old version of ourselvesThe short story needs a fresh start.

new haircut Transformation is not a bad thing. In the collective imagination, a very short haircut (especially in a woman) reflects a strong and assured personality. She is said to be honest, seductive, bold and independent. This reduction can be made for several reasons. The first can be the practical side: do not waste time combing your hair in the morning, easy maintenance: a simple and effective way to save time at times in a very busy life. If this cut was made for no reason, then it is generally associated with an intimate event: separation, conflict, bereavement, etc. This allows you a kind of evacuation, to give a visual indication of change. In short, a way of self-expression. Long hair conveys a dreamy, cautious patient and a romantic personality. You usually put in a lot of effort to achieve your goals. In short, perseverance is the word that describes you. Medium length hair reveals a feminine, elegant, sophisticated and assertive personality. You are someone who loves to talk. You really love challenges and new projects.

Straightening curls will reflect the desire to frame your hair, like your life. It may also reflect a desire to Match the classic “beauty” models. In general: do we not want the hair that we do not have? It’s the same for the afro cut: fight long, and the cut is all back, totally presumptuous. So it becomes a trend.

There is even a theory that explains it Parting position reveals our personality. Parting the oath would be synonymous with a sensitive, thoughtful and profound personality. The line on the left indicates an open, dynamic and relaxed personality in society. Parting in the middle calls for balance, stability, frankness and simplicity. Does this match your personality?

History of color and hairstyle

The color will also reveal your personality. Not the “natural” color, of course, but the dyes that can be made during life. Change to the “original” color such as red, green, purple, blue… is A way to express oneself visually. Red color evokes passion and attracts attention. Pink is associated with feelings and sympathy. Thus, people who choose pink will be especially attached to their feelings. Blue is a calming color, if you choose this color, it can be. It is said that brunettes are confident, imposing and assertive women. It is a very common color that can range from a very dark brown to a very light brown. Redheads, the color of fire, are supposed to be a radiant, radiant and radiant woman. Without coloring, only 4% of the European population wears this color. These women are said to be true artists at heart, poets, creative, kind, live with a positive attitude and that makes them so beautiful.

Blondes, a very popular color, love life and are optimistic and confident in nature. They are sensitive, sociable, sympathetic and cheerful.

Hairstyle and personality

The way you style your hair also reflects your personality. “Hair is also an adornment, an accessory with which you can do whatever you want. Those who have hair close to the face, are more conservative“capable of Madame Figaro Stéphane Bodin, hairstylist in the studio.

Loose hair reflects a certain freedom. You do not like to bow to restrictions, you have a very warm and open attitude.

Well sticky hair proves that you leave nothing to chance. The unexpected is not part of your desires and you have some form of proven power. upside down, A disorganized cake indicates an outspoken personality and spontaneous.

An original hairstyle that reflects the desire to have funTo relax, to show difference, the same cut or the same hairstyle for several years reflects certain values ​​and certainty, inner confidence. Family and friends have a central place in your life.

Wearing bangs can be synonymous with shyness However, facing and facing challenges does not intimidate you. This hairstyle reflects sensitivity and a desire to remain conservative. You display great sensitivity and your intuition rarely deceives you.

Short hair also tells us a lot about your personality and your boldness. ‘distinguish’ A woman with a strong personality Constant character, which is moving forward. Short-haired women are honest, romantic and seductive,” according to the image consultant.

Haircut: professional advice

If your hair does not reveal your personality, It is possible to make an appointment with the hairdresser. During your photo consultation, a professional can suggest a haircut that highlights your face, personality and personality. For this, the best advice is to be confident in your salon and appreciative of your hairstylist. Coloring, consultation, skin tone, eye color, etc. You have to review everything to make the best choices.

An image coach can advise you on the best way to enhance your personality through your hair.but also to align it with your style or the way you wear makeup,” says Aude Roy, image coach and author of Mastering Your Professional Image: Self-Marketing and Enjoying Being Yourself.

Like how you dress, how you stand, expressions, makeup, and hairstyle can reflect your personality. Hence the importance Completely match your photo! “coach concludes.

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