The 3 best tips to treat oily hair before summer comes and be the most beautiful!

Oily hair can be a nuisance! Here are 3 tips to deal with it before summer!

Our hair changes with the seasons. After being more or less dry during the winter period, it comes back to us sometimes more oily in spring and summer. A fact that can be embarrassing when we want to improve our appearance!

Have you noticed that your hair is sometimes or constantly greasy? Here are some ideas that will allow you to find the mane of your dreams without going to the hair specialist!

Why do we have greasy hair?

Can oily hair It happens for a number of reasons. The reasons why it is important to know if you want to take full care of your mane. In any case, know that there is nothing alarming in this type of situation. It is enough to take good care of your hair to determine the possible causes of hair change. Once you understand what is wrong, you can apply the most appropriate treatment.

The oily side of oily hair comes to us first of all from a Excessive sebum production from the scalp. The latter is essential to the health of our mane. It also contributes to its protection in normal times. However, excessive fat intake can have the opposite effect! So it is better to check if this type of situation often arises when you wash your hair.

You may also have oily hair due to a Too much sweating. Don’t bother, it’s normal to sweat. And again when it starts to heat up. Unfortunately, a large amount of sweat on your mane can make it greasy. And if our first reaction is to wash our hair, it doesn’t always help!

Besides these two points, you can have oily hair due to a disorder in the body. This may be because Fatigue, stress and many other negative emotions for our body. When this happens, our hair and skin are the first to tell us about it. Do you feel the effects? So it’s time to take more care of yourself!

First aid is important when it comes to treating your skin!

In the face of oily hair, you will have to change your hair care habits. This therefore involves doing sessions Before shampooing at least once a week. Thanks to this kind of care, you can easily find a solution to clean your belly deeply. There will also be no risk that the products you used previously will leave a residue.

At the same time, this kind of care will help you Reduce your scalp irritation. Although good perspiration is produced, you should avoid the greasy side. Other capillary secretions will also be regulated in the same way. This hair routine will make your skin smoother and shinier if used regularly.

On the other hand, you can Confidence in exfoliating care To avoid oily hair. Just like our skin, our skin sometimes needs to be treated deeply before its other treatments. Are you going to tell us that it actually looks like pre-shampoo? Well, no, this time, the goal is to purify your scalp but also to find a certain balance in your scalp composition.

Whatever type of skin care suits you, professionals recommend choosing your products carefully. In fact, oily hair can be easily treated provided you take the right treatments. The same goes for the accessories you use to enhance your complexion.

Oily hair: watch out for these bad habits

For some of us, oily hair is only temporary. If this is the case for you, know that you will need first and foremost Spacing for the care you provide for your mane. One treatment a week is more than enough, especially if you wash. Also, don’t forget to rinse it off with clear water so the finish gets a little brighter.

And finally, know that classic towels are not at all suitable for oily hair. Microfiber ones are more suitable to avoid the greasy side. From now on, you will be able to take care of your mane more easily!

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