Paul McCartney, British pop legend, hyperactive, is 80

At 25, Paul McCartney imagined plunging into quiet retirement in When I Was Sixty-four. However, the British pop legend is still very active, turning 80 on Saturday, a week before her performance at Glastonbury.

It would then become the oldest in the history of this legendary festival, which attracts tens of thousands of people to southwest England.

“The crowds in Glastonbury always remind me of a medieval battle scene,” he tweeted in late March.

This moment comes about ten days after completing his “Back Tour” tour, during which he filled the stadiums in the United States for a month and a half.

Not about to walk away from the stage, the famous Beatles, who have been performing solo for over 50 years, have yet to take a break during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He then retired as a family on his farm in southeast England with his daughter Mary and four of his eight grandchildren.

But we didn’t get past it: he took the opportunity to record McCartney’s third album Home, which was released in December 2020 and took first place on the British charts.

The following year, he recorded a new version of this album, with the support of a group of artists, and published his career revival – “The Lyrics” – a book about vegetarian recipes with his daughters Marie and Stella, a children’s story … while the series of interviews was launched with Producer Rick Rubin “McCartney 3,2,1” and Peter Jackson’s documentary “The Beatles: Get Back”, on Disney+.

As he celebrates his eighth decade, Paul McCartney has a busy schedule more than ever.

Despite the years and drama of his life, he retains the slender silhouette and mischievous look of “Macca” in the Beatles years.

– Soon, Lord? –

James Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool in 1942 into a humble family. His mother, a midwife, died when he was fourteen years old.

The following year he met John Lennon and played with him in Quarrymen, which later became The Beatles, with the arrival of George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

The four boys with distinctive hairstyles are hysteria fans.

Beatlemania is taking over the world.

With John Lennon, McCartney composed huge hits: “Hey Jude”, “Penny Lane” and, of course, “Yesterday”, “Success” recorded in 1,600 different versions.

But the childhood friendship was shattered. The shooting of “Let It Be” on the album of the same name sounded the death knell for the “Fab Four” on April 10, 1970, to the despair of their fans.

McCartney created Wings with his wife, photographer Linda Eastman, on keyboards.

With her, the former LSD lover becomes a family man and vegetarian. The couple raised four children, Mary and Stella – who became a fashion designer – James and Heather, born from a previous marriage to Linda.

After 29 years of marriage, Linda died in 1998 of breast cancer.

Heartbroken, McCartney is dedicated to causes of good: the environment, animals, human rights. He tried his hand at classical music, painting and sculpture.

He met Heather Mills, a former model who lost part of her leg after an accident, and married her in 2002. They had a daughter, Beatrice, before divorcing with fanfare in 2008.

In October 2011, Paul McCartney married the American Nancy Shefel, the heiress of a wealthy American businessman.

The Sunday Times estimates the couple’s fortune at 865 million pounds (more than one billion euros).

During his successful career, Paul McCartney has received numerous awards, including 18 Grammy Awards, and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1997.

Rumor has it that he could soon become a “Lord,” another nod to the cultural footprint this prolific singer-songwriter has left.

Of only the four Beatles, he survived and Ringo Starr, who is 81 and also continues to make his rounds.

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