Islamophobia. A student threatens and insults before the baccalaureate exam because she wears the hijab


When she went to her examination center to prepare for the French Baccalaureate exam, Sarah* was subjected to the violent assignment and was prevented from entering the institution because she was wearing a headscarf. A first-year student at another Parisian high school, she wears the hijab on a daily basis but has always complied with the law that forbids her to wear it in her institution during school time.

But what she faced was public humiliation and threats, and went so far as to prevent her from starting her ordeal in time, though she took off her veil.

Sarah* and several of the employees agreed to testify in favor of the permanent revolution. The student thus explains that he was taken to the task by the CPE in high school even before crossing the threshold of high school, as a check was made on the recall of students who came to take the bac.

“You immediately told me to take the thing off your head.”Sarah* says. “Then I complied immediately. But she started talking violently to me in front of everyone and pushed me aside while letting all the other students pass. I was directed to the school administration offices and described as a monster, saying I broke the door and forced to wear my headscarf”.

Only after long minutes of waiting, after a delay and after receiving threats, was Sarah* finally able to reach her control room. “In that moment I burst into tears, I was completely upset, and I was late for the exam. Mentally, I was just thinking about all the repercussions that could happen to me”you remember.

High school staff Victor *and Mathias* are shocked by the violence of the scene against this young high school girl. “I was trying to calm down [la situation]To explain that she took off her veil and that he was pressing her hard on the day of her ordeal.And the “There was a level of severity we hadn’t seen before, to the point that a street dealer got involved.” Matthias says. “He was really violent against the student.”Victor abounds.

Sarah points out: “I was treated like filth, like an animal, and no one tried to explain the situation to me.” . And she adds: I did not receive any apology. I think they tried to cover it up thinking I wouldn’t face any sequelae. ».

It was humiliating. I was directly targeted, my religious beliefs and my North African origins receded. […] I don’t think I’m the first and won’t be the last unfortunately.”She regrets.

To denounce the aggression against Sarah, a high school student published A Twitter thread Connect the facts. Several high school students have also commented under this topic that they too – at Charlemagne High School or in other institutions – have experienced racist and/or anti-Islamic repercussions.

This anti-Islam act, far from being isolated, is an expression of the reactionary and anti-Islam ideological attack in which Blanquerre spearheaded education, with blows denouncing the “Islamic left”, fighting “Wakismism” and extremist repression. Policies. The recent controversy, the current attack against the so-called “Islamic clothing epidemic” in the school is contributing to the deepening of this anti-Islamic violence.

“This behavior is evidence of Blanquier’s policy and Islamophobia in national education.”confirms Victor *.

According to Clara*, the school staff, this is not the first time that anti-Islamic behavior has occurred at the school. She remembers that a female student had already earned her entry to high school on the condition that her 5cm headband was removed from her hair, by another CPE. “When I questioned him, he justified himself by saying she was a Muslim – she usually takes off her hijab at the entrance to the high school, she was looking for him.”

As Sarah expressed this in her testimony: “I think what happened to me has nothing to do with the current government which has carried out attacks on Muslim women, especially against wearing the hijab, under the pretext of women’s freedom, but in fact completely curbs it, and imposes a lack of choice. . [Des attaques] Those who are against women’s freedom in general, I’m thinking in particular of the crackdown on young girls’ T-shirts. This is what we suffer from when we are a high school student, when we are ‘too short’ we are targeted and when we are ‘too covered’ we are extremist or Islamist. »

The thread related to Sarah’s aggression has been widely shared and supported, but has also been the subject of a campaign by the fachosphere on Twitter; Notably moved on the far-right website FdeSouche. A tidal wave like the one that followed the announcement of the ban in the Red Cross heat wave a few days ago, in which the drawing of a veiled woman drinking water caused an avalanche of anti-Islam and racist comments.

We reaffirm the fundamental right of women and girls to dispose of their bodies as they see fit, so that they are not the subject of an ongoing reactionary political debate. Too much or not enough coverage is up to us!

Solidarity with Sarah in the face of this wave of hatred from the far right!

*Names changed

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