How do you wear your hair according to the shape of your face?

The bob hairstyle is a great way to express yourself and differentiate yourself from the sleek long bob hairdo. Don’t get us wrong, we love to be comfortable and look like jungle fairies…but sometimes every woman needs her moment. The glamorous model who escapes from the catwalk with a cigarette in her mouth. It’s pretty specific, but you know what we mean! If you have a square face, you may have seen countless articles on the internet saying that you should not have this hairstyle. We answer, “To hell with all this!” So, we will show you, no, convince you to try this trendy hairstyle and look amazing and strong! Let’s go square cut to square face!

Square Cut for Square Face 2022: Favorite Styles

Have you ever found yourself in a dilemma where community opinion pushes you back and prevents you from getting the look you want? Many of us grew up hearing: “Your ears are too big for this hairstyle”, “Your forehead is huge, you need bangs”, etc. Times change and we accept each other more, which is great, but the traumas of the past sometimes persist… It’s 2022 and we say ‘enough’! Wear whatever you want, shave your head, go to Timbuktu, whatever! Do what makes you happy and get the look you want without following those stupid clues that just say a certain hairstyle works with your face shape. All of them if you love them! So today we are going to talk about bob cuts for a square face and show you some cool styles! Let’s not waste any more time!

The Fabulous French Pop of Amelie Pauline

French Pop Trend 2022

Let’s start big and amazing! On top of that, the ultra-short French bob cut has been a classic since the “Roaring Twenties”! Then it is immediately associated with smoking in a jazz club late at night, putting on a martini and wearing a fancy dress. The hairstyle is bold and makes the soul more daring. Need an instant confidence boost and a drastic change in your appearance? Either this or a gorgeous pixie cut!

How to wear hair according to the shape of the face

However, cutting your hair this short and not adding bangs is criminal! You don’t want to look like a medieval monk, do you? Well, actually, everyone has their own fantasies…but a nice fringe will frame your face and soften your features.

Stylish bob: look straight from the red carpet

Square cut for square face

Elegant Bob is in a league of his own. Have you heard about the hair-glass trend? Have you noticed our favorite celebrity hairstyles on the red carpet? Many of them have hair so shiny and straight that they look like mermaids out of the water.

Soft bob haircut

By the way, check out our article on glass hair to learn how to achieve this look at home! But beware! This hairstyle is high maintenance and time consuming to look perfect!

Square cut with fringe: it works!

Square cut for square face 2022

Let’s be honest: Bangs have always been chic. Although many of us dread her, because she has a mind and a will of her own when it comes to styling her hair… you can’t deny that she’s not exactly gorgeous!

Trendy Bob Cut 2022

Whether you wear your hair up or down, wavy, curly or straight, they all match and frame the face perfectly!

Curly Bob: An essential!

Square face shaving for a 40-year-old woman

Cheers to our most romantic look! You may be a bit afraid to cut your hair when it is very curly. We get it: Sometimes, if their design is bad, they can look pretty foolish.

Short haircut woman 2022 square face

But you can always keep it just below your shoulders if you’re not ready for such a drastic change! Good square cut for square face…

Sinking Square: Luxurious or Terribly Ugly?

What hairstyle for a square face

Finally, we have Victoria Beckham’s basic hairstyle. Or, as some now call her, Karen. You know… the lady who always wanted to talk to the restaurant manager? Yes this one. However, there is a trick in order if you are craving for this hairstyle. It is very simple!

Square cut plunge 2022

Just don’t cut the back of your hair. The very short back and long front are very old fashioned and thankfully we left them in 2007. We intend to keep them that way. So, choose a long and asymmetrical bob!

Photo Gallery: Square Cut for a Square Face

Square cut for square face

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Square Cut for a Square Face: Super flattering!

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Square cut 2022

Hairstyle according to the shape of the face: accurate or not?

Short haircut for square face 2022

The square cut for a square face is great!

Short haircut for square face 50 years

Wear what you want whenever you want! Don’t stick to schedules and rules!

Fashionable styles 2022 women

What hairstyle for a square face? Well… all of them!

What hairstyle for a square face

Team Devita I wish you a wonderful day!

Hairstyle Trend 2022 50 Years Old Woman

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