Who is black?

A few days ago, Charlize Theron made quite a stir by wearing shoes black coloring. A radical change for the high actress Dior Muse, the personification of glamor. Inevitably, the desire to imitate him stunned us.

Who is black?

Very elegant, elegant, sophisticated… black coloring He has many strengths. Thus it is able to sublimate the appearance and give character and attractiveness. More than just clothes Black hair They give a lot of charm and emphasize the beauty of light-eyed women. Guide ? Look at Eva Green, Adriana Lima or even Bella Hadid ! But unfortunately black hair has a significant drawback: it does not suit everyone!

The black hair coloring It is especially suitable for women who already have a dark base as well as women with matte skin, such as Salma Hayek or Rihanna. If you have pale skin and light hair, the shade will create too much contrast and can dull the skin tone. So it will be necessary to take care of its beauty, otherwise it will look pale. Also take care to maintain this intense color because regrowth will quickly reveal your lighter roots…

Finally, keep in mind that Black hair doesn’t mix well with the sun. If we do not apply protective care against the current, the UV rays will discolor the hair fibres.

What color is black at 40?

The disadvantage of black is that it tends to strengthen features and can age. To avoid the effect of aging, after 40 years, only women with a naturally dark base and matte skin have an interest in succumbing to this shade. For those who have pale skin and a light hair base, black may create too much contrast and the result may not be good.

Can you color your hair black at the age of sixty?

like at 40, Black will enhance the featuresWhich is why it’s so hard to recommend this coloring… However, nothing stops us from it Dye hair black. On the other hand, when white hair appears, things get a bit more complicated. In fact, gray and white hair are less porous, which is why they capture color pigments and retain them less. consequences ? The coloring may be contrasting, does not cover the white hair, and therefore does not perform its main function …

What cut when you have black hair?

Of course it is all about taste. But if you want to be on the cutting edge of the trend in black, opt instead for a short haircut. Charlize Theron has given up but also Salma Hayek or even Bella Hadid. ideal? Short, straight, cropped bob Above the shoulders at chin level like a singer Dua Lipa ! Fill up on inspiration with our slideshow!

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