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For a long time, when a woman reaches a certain age, she begins to become invisible. Few people notice her and talk to her, she is not considered very valuable because of the wrinkles in her skin and the gray hairs that grow from her head. So, in a desperate struggle to look younger and hide these insecurities, we color our locks, pay for expensive procedures and much more…and what? Why all the trouble just to accept someone else? Why adapt to societal norms when you can change them and walk so long? Break the wheel, be natural and be proud of yourself without ever questioning your appearance. So why not accept gray hair? accept wrinkles? And wear it with pride! In fact, if you are wondering how to take care of gray hair, we have some tips and tricks for you.

There is no need to coat things with sugar. If you’ve read the first paragraph and fallen for a chord… you’ve come to the right place! Because skin and hair care is personal care and can help you feel so much better about yourself. in home DevitaWe want only the best for our readers and try, out of kindness, to inspire you to regain your self-confidence. Recently, more mature women have begun to accept gray and look absolutely stunning! By the way, gray is a wonderful color that comes naturally to all of us once we reach a certain age. Instead of trying to fight it, why not embrace it? You may be wondering how to keep gray hair out easily, because it is thicker and harder than your colored strands of hair. Don’t worry, we have the perfect guide for you and we’ll make it short and cute! Let’s go!

Why is gray hair dull?

How to have beautiful natural gray hair

You may have noticed, from your first gray hair, that its texture is quite different from others. He has his own mind, he is wild and annoying at the same time! But how do you control it? What is not right? Is it just me? These questions may come to mind as you frantically search for an answer. Moreover, the answer is actually quite simple: pigments! yes! In fact, we all have pigment cells in our follicles that give us color. However, with age, the pigment cells called melanocytes tend to die more quickly, resulting in a loss of colour.

Gray hair treatment for women

However, this is not the only change. Since the scalp produces sebum that makes hair shiny and smooth, once these cells die, the natural oils disappear with them. That is why it is rough and dry. But it can be managed by following a few simple steps!

  • Spacing between washers. If you used to do this every day, try washing your hair once or twice a week.
  • Use a detangler and conditioner.
  • Make a hair mask (with avocado or aloe vera) every week to keep them looking shiny and beautiful.
  • Use a natural-bristle brush between washes to distribute the oils on your scalp.
  • Hairspray, foams, and other products that contain alcohol will damage it and make it drier than it actually is.
  • Eat a healthy diet to keep your skin and hair looking shiny.
  • Purple shampoo is proven to be great for gray hair!

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How do you take care of your gray hair? Follow our advice!

Salt and pepper hair for a 60-year-old woman

Gently take care of your scalp.

gray hair routine

Hydration is the key to healthy hair!

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How do I take care of the gray?

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How do you maintain gray hair naturally and easily? We have the answers!

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Embrace your hair’s natural course!

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Stress can also lead to this stage, so take care of your mental health!

Gray hair care

Smoking and bad habits contribute to the weakening of the strand tissue.

How to take care of gray hair naturally

Accept and love yourself as you are!

Maintains gray hair naturally

By the way, don’t forget to empty between the washers!

Best shampoo for gray hair

How do you take care of your gray hair?

gray hair routine

Why not do gray balayage to keep up with the 2022 hair trends?

Haircut 2022 50-year-old woman

Tie and wear them for a romantic look.

How to maintain gray hair

The look of salt and pepper is super trendy!

Hairstyle trend summer 2022 60 year old woman

We hope you have learned how to take care of gray hair!

Why is gray hair dull?

I wish you a very nice and wonderful day!

Maintains gray hair naturally

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