“Three different ways excite me”: Ornella tells of her birth

Three births and about three days: that’s how long it took Ornella to give birth! She tells us about this unique moment, the moments before and those that follow.

  • Age at delivery: 29 year
  • Expect the child to: May 15
  • baby arrived: April 27
  • Time to reach the hospital: April 25 at 8:00 am
  • Delivery time: April 27 at 2:45 p.m.
  • statistics: 52 cm and 3270 kg

A year after stopping the pill, after twelve months of trying, my son invited himself on vacation to Italy: I got pregnant. The news filled me with joy as much as it worried me. I was in the middle of a job change, I was interviewing for a new job, and the timing was…surprising. On the other hand, my partner was so happy that he “felt like he won the lottery”.

Nice pregnancy despite gestational diabetes

Other than having to nap twice a day in the first trimester – thankfully I wasn’t working out at the time – the pregnancy went very well. I have very good memories of my care partner (I was entitled to a foot massage every evening) and those moments. At least until the sixth month, Where I developed gestational diabetes. I’m no longer allowed to eat sugar and there, when you already have pregnancy dietary restrictions, it’s a bit hard for appetizers and picnics…

A midwife followed me, and then an obstetrician took over because of my diabetes. As a result, an endocrinologist also followed me. I have also been followed by a psychiatrist because I have a history of psychotic crises and from this point of view pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum are risk periods.

althoug, Childbirth was not a stressor for me. I have prepared a lot through the classic classes,haptonomy and some hypnotherapy courses offered by the clinic. I said to myself, to assure myself, that everyone knows how to give birth and that billions of people have already done so, even if they are alone in the house!

Ultrasound that announces birth

Three weeks ahead of schedule, on Friday, I was asked to call my obstetrician after a routine ultrasound. The exchanges between the fetus and the placenta were no longer very good, and I had to go to the clinic for observation. There are health professionals I decided to launch mine the following Monday. In the meantime, I had to watch every day… allowing time for the pressure to rise slowly over the weekend.

Monday morning at 8 am In the maternity ward, they took the time to read my birth plan, and inserted a hormone plug into me to induce labour. Then I was advised to walk in the morning and take a nap in the afternoon, because The contractions will come at the end of the day. We continued this program with my beloved who stayed by my side throughout my stay in the maternity ward (the poor man was working remotely from the bedroom, and he went to shoot his videos in his car).

Round the car park in the morning, then, as we weren’t allowed to go anywhere else, then nap in the afternoon. In fact, the contractions arrived very slowly towards her 18 hours. My friend even had time to go do some shopping around to make an aperitif!

after trigger (first)

Despite a somewhat rough night due to the contractions, I managed to snooze quite a bit.

Tuesday morning When I woke up, the hospital staff was happy: the cervix had begun to dilate, and everything looked ready for childbirth. My water even broke during breakfast.

We walked again, and I spent a lot of time on the birthing ball trying to get my labour. I was trying to distract myself from the contractions, we even played Mario Kart in the hospital room!

Ornella and her husband playing Mario Kart, special photo provided by Ornella

Given the situation, my delivery was scheduled for the afternoon and the midwife told me we would probably have an epidural before noon. Me, I found I managed pretty well, and didn’t even experience pain…and for good reason!

At the post-meal observation, we realized that The work simply stopped, to everyone’s astonishment.

Here we go again to a new stimulator, still with hormones but this time in tablets. The program starts all over again: re-walk, re-Mario Kart, re-aperitif in the room. It’s getting longerand we counted the children who arrived thinking that our children still did not exist.

Fortunately, regular monitoring reassured us and showed us that everything was going well for him, he just didn’t want to point at the tip of his nose right away.

return of contractions

after dinnerThe contractions returned, this time in a very intense way. I was trying to rehearse my physical therapy lessons, hypnotherapy, and think about my next child… I even tried to dance to Philip Catherine’s tunes And other songs from a happy playlist we created for the occasion.

Catherine - Banana

to me mid eveningShe asked to go to the nature room, a room where there were accessories and supplies to help with the work. I showered in it and it was really hot (the guy thought the hotter the better… so he set it at 45 degrees) and walked around a lot to control the contractions.

When I vomited my entire meal (which is very common, but I didn’t know it) I started to panic and asked for an epidural. That’s when we learned I was only 2cm dilating…not yet.

from the direction of one o’clock in the morningI have installed this version. I managed to snooze a bit in the delivery room and calmly wait for my baby to arrive.

The third day in the hospital

Wednesday morningNot much has happened since I was waiting for the baby to come off. At the time I was on an epidural and wasn’t moving much. I watched the screens on the screen to pass the time, and wrote a lot for my mom to tell her what was going on.

The hormones were introduced again (oxytocin, this time) several times to keep the labor going. Finally the midwife came and told me about itIt’s time to pay.

I prepared everything and waited until the last minute to start. My son was doing his hilarious way, calmly and decently, so there’s no reason to rush things…but that’s when I started doing some math.

Head circumference is about 34 cm. I was 10 centimeters dilated. Mathematically, no. Then I started ordering a cesarean section, which made everyone laugh … However, Spoiler alert : She did not pass, she was torn during childbirth, and I was entitled to 10 stitches.

“I managed to put my hand on his head while pushing”

When the midwife started seeing her hair, we waited a little longer, and he was gone.

I have really magical memories of pushing. I asked to be able to touch the baby’s head when he arrived, that’s what I was offered, and more. The midwife let me rest my hand on her head for the duration of the push.And this gesture gave me extra strength. I felt his progress, and I pressed better!

When my baby finally came out, the midwife let me hold him, and I was able to hold him and put him on myself. All requests of my birth plan were honored, And I really want to thank her, this midwife (who was the same on Monday when I arrived and Wednesday when she was born), because without her, I probably wouldn’t have the same memory of this moment. Overall, I felt supported while seeing my privacy respected.

An Instagram account dedicated to Ornella’s maternity

After giving birth, happy days

The memory of my meeting with my child is very vague. I remember that I held the child on me, that we looked him in the eyes, and we kissed with my partner … But I have the impression that there is some temporal error, and The skin hour passed on the skin in two minutes. Then we took a little selfie, and I put it on his chest.

During this time, midwives took care of expelling the placenta and
Betrayed me. I was really somewhere else.

The days that followed in the maternity ward were a lot of fun, we had a big room and made a little cocoon out of it. We thought of taking a small lamp with us so we wouldn’t have to use the hospital’s glowing neon lights at night. We really wanted it to be a good time. We kept making life beautiful with drinks in the hospital and ordered sushi now that I could eat it. Honestly, it felt more like a hotel than a hospital.

The medical staff members were also very kind and were always there
help us. I was having a hard time feeding and they were always with me to help me. They taught us a lot and reassured us a lot about our role as parents. At home, I received a birth cake and a visit to my parents.

Two weeks after giving birth, I have a psychotic episode.

But two weeks after giving birth without even realizing it, I had a crazy psychotic episode that led to my hospitalization in psychiatry. This type of psychosis is present after birth, but remains rare. I, who is suspected of having bipolar disorder, have a shaky floor and fatigue, stress and low hormones have triggered my symptoms.

A lot of times, we say not to do too many things during this time and to rest well. But I wanted to do many things. Managing my new parenting, inviting people, and being the perfect housewife… It doesn’t exist, perfect. And without realizing it, I no longer sleep. The result, two and a half weeks of hospitalization, from which I recovered little by little. It took me a long time to get the focus back on the three of us!

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