The urban and intuitive art of WildWonderWoman

WildWonderWoman is the artist behind several posters scattered all over Paris. Have you ever seen these little drawings of women, mostly naked with their eyes closed? Her approach, often interpreted as feminist, and sometimes ecological, is above all intuitive. From pregnancy to college, she invites us to listen to these feelings that move us. Meets.

WildWonderWoman (she did not wish to be named) is a woman whose artwork is intimate and discreet. She started street art four years ago, in 2018, but has long had many hands-on activities, with painting at the fore. Starting to glue was a defining event, for his creativity as well as for his personal history.

at some point in my life, she says.And the There are things that have changed and moved, and I once allowed myself to commit to trying. I was alone for the first time. I felt an incredible surge of freedom. I immediately wanted to start over, continue, and what I drew, what I drew, to use for it. It allowed me to delve into the feelings and do real work on them.

Almost all of them are drawings of women. Supposedly nude and hairy, she exudes a deep softness, at the same time as an intimate link to nature and the environment. Many of them have closed eyes, very long hair, and sometimes they show an enlarged clitoris. The bright colors, the flowers, the earth they embrace…the environment is part of them and they are part of it. It is a bond full of love and benevolence. But there are also many women who suffer, drops of blood dripping from a sex that is nothing more than a piercing. The earth is also bleeding. However, suffering remains a very pleasant thing.

It is above all a work that comes from the inner life and emotions. WildWonderWoman talks about intuitive collage, a practice that consists of cutting out everything that speaks to us, regardless of the aesthetic question, then gluing and grouping them. For her, painting and then sticking is the same process. She works to listen to herself, to her emotions, and the shapes come from herself.

It is work that comes from within. I have feelings, and when I have a feeling that I can’t express verbally, I’ll notice a lot, whether it’s landscapes, nature, pictures on Instagram or Pinterest, events that happen in my life… and whatever I’m going to do amalgam from it, something will come out.. »

Art is a language. From self to self above all. For her, he is a mediator between mind and body, inside and out. Drawing really helps to connect with the world, and emotion is at the heart of this approach. For me, there is an emotion to talk to us, to tell us something, to move us.. […] I can be creative when I am happy, I can be creative when I am unhappy, I try to explore the whole painting. The fact of stickiness engraved these drawings in the city and public spaces: it is like a map, the way of living in the neighborhoods you cross. There is the Butte aux Cailles, Belleville, Montmartre … Just as you do when you paint, the choice of location is self-evident. Sometimes this work is a collaboration (with artist Paddy for example), but it is first and foremost a personal approach.

That is why the report presented to the public is not so important. Adhesion is first the discovery and exploration of oneself and then the world, to feel a sense of belonging to the environment. Sometimes her work is removed, which is the case with the first work she exhibited near her home. However, she shows that the ephemeral and unstable aspect of the collage is part of the experience. One of his works is more than three years old.

However, the constant distribution of his work on Instagram guarantees him some form of durability and allows him to get a lot of revenue. Subscribers testify to what these women evoke in them, sometimes very diverse feelings. For her, there is no predetermined meaning: on the contrary, each person sees something different according to his own story. ” I think the eye we have on work, after all, asks us about ourselves. This is interesting. Because in the end a dialogue is created, a dialogue between me at work and between work and person. »

When asked if she considers herself an artist, to our surprise, the answer is tricky. There is the path of practice itself, the technical and aesthetic question…” La question esthétique, j’ai dû l’évacuer, parce que si je l’avais eue, je n’aurais jamais rien fait dans la rue, je n’aurais jamais collé, je continuerais à faire des desins er et à les Trash. So, in fact, at some point I vacated the place. It is not a question. » Drawing and pasting, along with a full-time job, is like a second life. It is also a form of necessity.

Visual: Collage by WildWonderWoman, © WildWonderWoman.

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