“I only wish for the well-being of my employees”

“Where is the red line between undeserved work and hard work?” , Oksana asks. At 57, this gray-haired lady testifies to all the plaintiffs seated behind her. With a strong Ukrainian accent, in the midst of a crowded audience, she recounts her days uninterruptedly, all over the place. “We were wiping with old T-shirts and when we had a vacuum cleaner or a sweeper we were so happy‘, she explained. “And when did you not have anything?” , Ask the court. “It was our hands and our knees”Oksana is shown.

She recounts the pain and the red marks on her shoulders from carrying shopping bags full of laundry around the capital. “Once, when I had to change four beds in a fifth-floor apartment without a lift, I sat and cried for at least ten minutes because I couldn’t take it anymore (…) When I got home, my little girl ran :granny, granny! I couldn’t bend anymore. It was unbearable She was crying, and Oksana was the only one who spoke French well, the only one who had already taken citizenship, and spoke first.

“A highly organized system, for the purposes of exploitation”

He is succeeded by a representative of the CGT, a civil party in this trial, at the Bar. It was she who took over the labor inspectorate in February 2020, after she was contacted by the complainants. Marilyn Pauline says that she soon had doubts about the cleaning company “VIP SERVICES”, headed by the main defendant, Natalia K. “This almost exclusive employment exists for people who do not have residence permits or work permits‘ explains Mrs. Boleyn. “I’ve rarely seen a system so organized and so cold for the purposes of exploitation”.

“You’re saying that Natalia K, you kept an illusion [la promesse d’une régularisation], which means that all the escorts I was able to make, with conservatism, could have been calculated intelligently? There was no support? asks the main defendant’s attorney. “This is an argument I used to hear.”Mrs. Boleyn smiles,It’s not a classic dependency relationship when you expect an employer to help you! It puts us in a state of extreme dependence“.

Of the four natural persons prosecuted in this case, Natalia K. The first to be questioned by the court. Square blonde jumpsuit, dark blue, pregnant with her fourth child, this 39-year-old French-Ukrainian girl fends for herself at the helm. Pay delays? accounting problem. Breaks, holidays? She asserts that she has never rejected them. Work after 7 days? She does not know. “JI wish only good to my employees ”, says the defendant.

“If I hurt someone, I apologize and I’m sorry”

Under the weight of questions from the court, she acknowledged: “There may be inexperience or negligence (…) If I hurt someone, I apologize and I’m sorry. I’ve always said that everyone can leave when they want, I don’t force anyone to.”. The court asked him how many people were finally settled by working for his cleaning company. “I couldn’t tell you, maybe three or four,” Reply by Natalia K. “Nobody! None of the staff,” Maxime Sisio, a civil parties attorney, insists.

Then the niece of Natalia K. is questioned on the podium. Stefania, a young woman in a purple dress, is on trial for human trafficking. She organized the tables inside VIP SERVICES. She is very silent in court. Stefania repeats: “I don’t know”, “I can’t tell you”. She confirmed that she had not taken any decision. The third woman to appear in a trafficking case is VIP SERVICES. You did not attend the session.

Lack of vigilance from Hostnfly Airbnb Concierge

Another defendant is the co-founder of Hostnfly, Airbnb’s concierge company. Quentin B, in his 30s, showed up, in his T-shirt and sneakers, for undercover work. The court read him emails or minutes of meetings exchanged between Hostnfly and Natalyia K. It is a matter of rating the services of housewives, “re” or “to follow closely” Those who deviate from the mean. There are also recommendations: “Pay per mission, go 4-5 missions a day, and avoid overtime.”

“We don’t interfere with the way our customers manage their employees!” , says the defendant. “Hostnfly was still in control”, the judge indicated the amount. Prosecutors accuse Quentin B. and his company by not obtaining from Orsaf obligatory vigilance certificates to ensure the legality of the activity of its subcontractor, VIP Service. “Isn’t the document receiving a red alert?” , asks a judge. “Now it’s one but at the time we thought it was just management funds”, Breathe in the accused’s confession.

This development engineer, turned commercial director, realizes that he has not been particularly alerted or advised about the dangers of underground work in the home sector. His firm’s attorney, Me Aurélien Louvet, asked him if he might be surprised to testify at the hearing. “Yeah, that shocked me.”loose Quentin B.. seems distant but at times, he is moved to tears. ‘Society spoiled’Lee Lovett argues.

Two years in prison wanted against Natalia K.

While the civil parties’ lawyers, Maxime Sisio and Alain Chano denounce the “feudal system” and the material and moral damageAnd the “the fear”, The “Shame”, The public prosecutor asks the court to return to the verdict against all the defendants.

For Natalyia K., “Who realized a little” But who created the system “tragic”, Prosecution requires Two years in prison, a ban on running a company and a fine of 13,000 euros. The Public Prosecutor requests the dissolution of her cleaning company “VIP Services”. for his niece, “who kept denying everything”, An eight-month suspended prison sentence is required. One year deadline for assistant who did not appear before you in court.

About Hostnfly, the prosecutor specifies: “Since the facts, they have corrected things and that is fine.” Requires a four-month suspended prison sentence against Quentin B. And a fine of 30,000 euros to his company. After a late-night hearing, the court upheld its decision. It should be returned in a few weeks.

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