How many times a week should I wash my hair?

Good shower, gentle shampoo to use and clean hair and here we are again! Yes, but when should it be addressed?

How many times a week should you wash your hair?

If the benefit of shampoo is well established, knowing how to determine the correct rhythm to shampoo each week is sometimes another pair of sleeves. And in this thread, each has their own little comment and thoughts received “if you wash it too much, it will end up falling out”, “a day without shampoo and oil, my hair is greasy” once a week is enough, my hair is very dry”, etc. We will stop there, We suspect you’ve had a discussion with your friends/colleagues/relatives…But since we want to separate truth from error, we’ve gone to gather information from the source.Either at Gianni Cuba, from Salon R’factory.If you’re a loyal reader, you’ve already seen it In several hairdressing classes (catch-up session here with a bohemian banana bun).

To the question about the correct frequency of shampoo, our expert answers itOnce or twice a week is the minimumIt states that “It all depends on the type of hair, the peculiarities of the hair (if it tends to get dirty more quickly, if it is too dry, or greasy …) and its feel. “However, beware that famous feeling, and the fixes that can be done, is a bit like the little button we’re obsessed with but actually very little notice…

Should you really avoid washing your hair every day?

If from the outset the answer is positive, in the face of the mention of “frequent use” of some shampoos, we are a bit lost. For our expert, it’s important not to give in to the calling of daily shampoos, because “this will sensitize the scalp and stimulate the sebaceous glands which will produce more sebum. Plus, this can lead to plaque formation, changing fibers and purifying the he-she.” The key in abuse? risk of hair loss.

Are you a hardworking athlete who exercises daily? You are given the green light to pass your belly under the showerhead. On the other hand, no doubt aboutUse regular shampoo Every time. “Ideal is to use ‘low stools’ or ‘no stools’: it contains little to no surfactant despite the foam, which gives a clean feeling even without detergent (contains only detergents). With this type of product, you wash your hair without afterwards breaking it with grease or damaging the scalp,” recommends your hair stylist.

Then on vacation? When we are lucky enough to be able to swim in the sea, the pool, the lake… do we take the risk of washing our hair after every bath? simple rinse In good shape and fit enough?

For this scenario, Gianni Cuba recommends rinsing it well and “systematically performing a mask-type or conditioner-type treatment.” Remember that in summer, dryness is the hair’s worst enemy, hence the importance of applying specialized care that will moisturize the fibres.

Do you travel on two wheels? Wearing a helmet can intensify the effect of greasy hair. Again, this is no reason to shower on the way home. Then comes the turn of the ally of the number of mothers: feel free to use dry shampoo. But no more than once or twice in between shampoos, “If you clean it well and remove it well, no problem.”

When do you wash your hair: after dyeing, Brazilian straightening, in the evening / morning?

Did you find the shampoo that suits you? Now you have to use it properly. However, the small subtlety if we talk about shampoo in the plural form, it is because you may combine several properties: such as colored and curly hair, or some Soft and dull hair Or even flat blonde hair..are you following us? We don’t know about you, but we actually wondered what to choose in the hair department, before we understood that there was a solution to every need, and that it wasn’t necessary to choose (when budget allows). , on the contrary, bet on priority privacy). As our hairstylist assures, “We can switch up the routine so that we can maximize the benefits across all issues.” And to find out if the shampoo is suitable for your hair, be careful: if the scalp is itchy or notThe look of your hair Boring, rough, heavy…change!

Then, regardless of whether you realize Shampoo in the morning or in the evening. “Important: If you wash it at night, it dries it out, which prevents it from tangling and wrinkling. Plus, you’ll avoid having to pull or loosen it more when you wake up.” As for the idea of ​​making two shampoos in a row, this is only useful if the last shampoo was more than three days old. So, the first shampoo will be for cleansing, and the second for restoring and treating. Generally nothing harmful. On the other hand, if you’re in the habit of leaving shampoo on while exfoliating or waxing, be careful, this product isn’t meant to stay on your hair for long (except for treatment shampoos). maximum ? Two to three minutes.

Did you just paint? There is no point in shampooing the same evening or the next day. “We consider that the hair has been washed on the day of coloring, so we can space it out by 2/3 days” advises Gianni Cuba, specifying thatColored hair doesn’t require more intensive shampooing from others. “This is good news!

Are you a brazilian calendar team? Remember to seek advice from a hairdresser, the person who took care of you will be able to give you a personalized recommendation, i.e. from 24 to 72 hours.

Why do we always find hair in the bathtub?

There are times when there are so many hairs in the shower filter that you are on the verge of panic. Before considering alopecia and abnormal hair loss, know that it can be due to various factors. Either, as the hairstylist explains, “natural hair regeneration or hair regeneration buildup (we must We comb our hair once a day, but if you do it only when washing it, you will see more hair loss), or, in fact, abnormal hair loss, which requires a specialist consultation. “

When the fall is more important than usual, but there is no need to worry, you can strengthen your hair with the help of customized nutritional supplements. The treatment can also be useful in the fall and spring. Be careful, however, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is important to get the approval of your health professional.

Thanks to Gianni Coppa, of the R’Factory show, for his advice.

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