3 trendy blonde colors for summer 2022 – beauty

Summer has always brought to the skies the most radiant complexion, tinted with subtle golden reflections, reviving the complexion and shining in a thousand light under the scorching rays of the sun. But this season, more than that, blondes are back in a thousand shades, from the most contrasting to the most frank, passing through the softest and most natural shades. Here are three that will allow you to change your look and show a glowing face throughout the holidays.

It was all green at the start of the year to end the era of blonde hair, but brunettes can finally count on plums again, starting this summer. Blonde is this season’s star color, dropping dark hair, balayage, and other techniques aimed at lightening dark hair into the background. Blonde or nothing, that’s the password to shine at the beach all summer long. All that remains is to choose the shade, or reflections, that best suits your original color, as well as your desires.

Expensive blonde, gently

The boldest of blondes will be getting the best of various vacuuming techniques this summer, with one exception: the wide blonde. Coloring has been gaining momentum since spring, and many celebrities like Jessica Alba or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley popularized it. It’s a matter of brushing his hairspray while bringing in the reflections and nuances thanks to the warm, golden and caramel tones, by playing with shadow and light.

A technique that suits both blondes and brunettes, because everything is delicate. Extremely glamorous, and less glamorous than platinum or polar blonde, this hair trend will surely appeal to those who don’t dare cross (completely) the boundaries of blonde. Why take the jump? Because this color softens the face, without radically changing the head, revealing the tan. Perfect for the summer season!

Milky blond, all in gloss

experts unanimously, milky blonde It will not be one color but the “color” of summer. Inspired by platinum blonde, it’s a more candid color that Kim Kardashian highlighted during the recent Met Gala while wearing the legendary dress previously worn by Marilyn Monroe. And the businesswoman has clearly appreciated this drastic change since she recently went back to brown.

Less visible than platinum blonde, milky blonde plays on the shine for a sleeker look and a warmer feel. Once again, the coloring adapts to all hair colors, and is also suitable for all skin tones. Strong point! Why take the jump? Because there is nothing better than summer vacation to dare to change your mind, and experience all kinds of distractions.

Vanilla and Almond Butter

Contrary to what its name suggests, it’s actually a hair color, not a sweet specialty. Social networks have praised Vanilla and Almond Butter, or “Vanilla & Almond Butter,” popularized by hairstylist Krissie Rasmussen, known for its gourmet extensions. It was also her hair accessories that she initially posed on TikTok, before users drifted away and turned “vanilla almond butter” into a summertime coloring.

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