What cosmetics should be used during pregnancy?

When pregnancy begins, some daily gestures need to be modified so that the next nine months pass peacefully. Among others: give up smoking, alcohol and pasteurized dairy products … But did you know that it is also necessary to organize your bathroom? In fact, you will have to choose the right beauty products for pregnant women. Nothing too difficult, don’t worry. Writing guides you.

How do you choose your cosmetics during pregnancy?

You may not know it, but Weakness of the hormonal system due to the presence of the fetus in the womb. You must definitely prevent your child from crossing paths endocrine disruption Contained in daily cosmetics. And the We find a lot of them: phthalates, silicones, parabens, petrochemical oils… that is why we are so used to recommending solid, organic and natural cosmetics.

However, we are not asking you to only use Marseille soap for the next nine months, you don’t have to worry. You can, for example, Start using shampoo and soap for hard hair and body. And avoid like the plague on anything that looks chemical like neon pink soap. It is a logical question.

Then take a closer look at the mounting label. The longer the list, the more likely the product will contain harmful substances. Look for keywords like “parabens,” “liquid paraffin,” or even “mineral oil,” which are a real environmental disaster. We also advise you to rely on apps like yucca where any cosmetics. or labels like “slow cosmetics“,”Ecocert” where “Cosmebio“.

for that reason, Alternatively, buy Made in France and discover the products’ manufacturing process. Some brands also specify whether or not their products are suitable for pregnant women. If in doubt, we advise you to do so Ask your doctor, midwife and/or pharmacist for advice..

10 beauty products for pregnant women

As you can imagine, the editorial staff will not let you leave without making their own small investigations and To provide you with pregnancy-friendly products

1 – Organic Day Cream, Moisturizing Fluid Care, Valdyskincare

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Look at this cream

2- Caffeine 5% + Niacinamide 5% Eye Serum, Rating

Look at this serum

3 – Ritual Box Perfect for Stretch Marks, John

Look in this box

4 – caresses natural deodorant, daylily

See this deodorant

5 – Organic Facial Cleansing Foam

Look at this cleanser

6 – OMUM Ultra-nourishing protective soap

Look at this soap

7 – SPF 50+ Sunscreen, Avene

Watch this sun spray

8 – Blooming Night Balm, Mira

Look at this balm

9- A new skin scrub for the body free of bottles

See this scrub

10- Natural shampoo only. Paris

Watch this shampoo

Thanks to this small set, you have excellent cosmetics to make up your vanity. Also know that you can make your own cosmetics at home, using natural ingredients. But be careful, some essential oils are forbidden during pregnancy. Know in advance each ingredient you want to add to your preparation.

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