Shea Butter for your hair

Shea Butter is a pure and natural ingredient and is known for its many properties on hair, especially curly hair! We tell you all about its benefits and use.

Coloring, pollution, sun, heating devices, wind … Hair is constantly exposed to external aggressions. consequences ? They lose vitality, become dry and dull. To overcome this lack of hydration, shea butter is ideal. Nicknamed “Women’s Gold”, presents a Tonic effect on hair health. Shea butter, extracted from the tree of the same name, copes well with Dry, curly or frizzy hair. It has also been used for thousands of years by African women.

What are the benefits of chia for hair?

In addition to its moisturizing and skin-softening properties, shea butter works wonders on the hair. First of all, it’s a file Natural fortifier. Enriched with Vitamin A, it brings shine and softness to the hair. Thanks to its film-forming properties, it slows down the natural evaporation of water and thus contributes to the strengthening of the hydro-lipid film. Its nourishing power allows Deeply fight against dry capillaries. To find a soothing scalp, there is nothing better than raw shea butter. In fact, fatty acids and resin esters can act Anti-inflammatory, healing and repairer. It is used raw, which is equivalent to SPF 6 and thus protects the hair from the sun’s rays. On the other hand, this vegetable butter allows to coat and strengthen the hair fiber. There is no evidence that this ingredient directly promotes hair growth. However, intensively nourishing the hair shaft can lead to stronger and faster growth. While it is suitable for all hair types, it is especially recommended for curly hair that especially needs hydration and nourishment. It is about softening the rings and deeply nourishing them. In short, incorporating shea butter into your hair routine means choosing to sport a moisturized, fortified, and protected mane!

To pamper your hair with shea butter, we have several options: Mask, daily care and preventive care. For damaged hair, it can be a mask on its own as it is rich and nourishing. In this case, it is advisable to apply a piece of butter from the roots to the tips. On the other hand, the dosage of chia depends on the type of hair: thick hair needs more substance than fine hair. Hair that tends to get greasy quickly should avoid applying it directly to the scalp and focus on the lengths. For best results, it is combined with other ingredients such as mustard oil or castor oil. In daily care, shea butter is ideal for fighting dryness. It is applied regularly in small amounts just before washing. Finally, it is used as a leave-in treatment once or twice a week, to provide hydration and protection worthy of its name. Curly hair uses it in the evening before bed to tame their hair and repaint their curls.

What is the exposure time?

The exposure time required for applying cocoa as a hair mask depends on the nature and condition of the hair. For normal hair, it takes between 15 and 20 minutes, and for moderately dry hair, the treatment reaches its maximum effectiveness after one hour of use. It is necessary to leave the mask on overnight or as long as possible for very dry hair. Don’t forget to wash your hair well with your regular shampoo (2 to 3 shampoos) after the exposure time.

What is the recipe for shea butter hair mask?


  • 1 teaspoon shea butter
  • 1 aloe vera leaf
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil


  • Mix the inside of an aloe vera leaf
  • Shea butter melts in Mary’s bath
  • Add olive oil
  • Mix everything until you get a homogeneous texture.

Wait a few minutes for the mixture to cool. Then apply the mask to dry hair before collecting it in a bun. Finally, wash your hair with shampoo and enjoy the softness.

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