PARIS: A 74-year-old Colombian has been missing since Monday, his family is trying to find him

Colombian tourist Jose Vargas Astudillo, 74, has been missing in Paris since Monday. His family asks for help to find him.

Relatives of Jose Vargas Astudillo in the blood of ink. The 74-year-old Colombian has disappeared through Paris since Monday. That day, he decided to explore the capital on his own, upset to see lunch drag on. The other eight of his family left around 2 p.m. and did not return.

In response to a question from the Parisian, his niece Tatiana described it to attract the attention of potential witnesses: “My uncle is 74 years old. He is 1.62 m tall, has a strong build, has a beard and white hair. He speaks neither French nor English, only Spanish. Help us with Finding it, we are very concerned.

At the time of his disappearance, José Vargas Astudillo was wearing a light blue polo shirt, beige pants, and green and white tennis shoes. He was also carrying a black backpack.

His niece explains that when they left, they agreed to meet in the Luxembourg Gardens. But the retiree, a former high school history teacher, wasn’t there. His relatives waited for him until 8 p.m., before returning to his Airbnb rental, expecting to find him there.

But Jose Vargas Astudillo was not there, and the next day Tatiana reported his disappearance to a police officer at the Chatelet-les-Hales center. She also asked to see photos from the RER D CCTV cameras, which her uncle may have taken on Monday, from the Vigneux-sur-Seine (Essone) station.

He would have appeared on line 12

The young woman who mobilized the “Network of Latinos in Paris” to post the desired notice on social networks worries: “It doesn’t look like it.” In doing so, I also learned that the retiree was going to be seen by two people on line 12 of the metro, this Wednesday.

The driver would even see him “heading to line 6”, which Tatiana Vargas hastened to pick up in search of her uncle. without result. In desperation, the young woman also went to Roissy, where she and her family were due to travel to Italy, the next stop on their vacation in Europe. But Jose Vargas Studio was not there either.

Many family members took this plane to Italy, but Tatiana stayed in Paris. Wanted notices are distributed near the Place de Clichy, where her uncle is said to have been seen. Worriedly, she sees June 21, the supposed date for returning to Colombia, approaching.

“With the temperatures soaring, and perhaps without money to eat, my uncle, who is on treatment for high blood pressure, can become dehydrated,” she notes. Concerned about discovering it alone in a city with “no landmarks”, the young woman encourages anyone with information to contact her via WhatsApp (+57302 28 82027). It is also possible to reach Patricia on 06 71 46 10 72.

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