Kevin Rodriguez Delera ‘Dead Because It’s Too Cute’

Wednesday, June 15, In the defendant’s chest, this huge man has white hair styled in a ponytail. He carries…

Wednesday, June 15, In the defendant’s chest, this huge man has white hair styled in a ponytail. He is wearing a clean loose-fitting long-sleeved shirt. With his tight lips hanging down like a sad smile, he remains silent, frowning. He never dared to look at his daughter, the apple of his eye.

The only witness to the murder, Caden Lartigue, is his complete opposite. Gently, the thin and slender thirty-year-old lays her arms on the table, clasping her fingers between them and straightening up to give herself a little calm. Black tennis shoes, black pants, black short sleeve crew neck T-shirt surrounded by soft pearl, the slender woman has dark eyes and ebony hair puffed into a bun.

“Family Composition”

In one source of inspiration, she immerses herself on this fateful day alongside Kevin Rodriguez Delera, her “love at first sight.” The first light on a chaotic life journey. He shows her another family picture. ‘Heart in hand,’ he makes sure to cement his ties with Guy, his adoptive father, ‘the only one I left here. I also wanted to start a family.’

This relaxing day quickly turns to anguish when the alcohol does its job. “We already made meals together and it was good. On the 5th of July he is “going derailed and humiliated and threatening to kill.” Her “soul mate” begs her to leave her father and run away. “He hugged me and reassured me and convinced me to take him home. She rubs her arm as if to relive this moment and expel this painful absence. In front of the Rulers, she somehow swallowed up her tears. Those who escape are crushed by the back of the hand.

Back to memory: “In front of his house, he calms down and offers us coffee. I beg to leave.” Kevin,” he didn’t want to stay in an argument. The man comes out with a gun. Kevin disarms. The man stabbed him in the back. The blade is broken. He collapses to the ground and bleeds.

“I find myself facing a madman with black eyes. Helpless. I ran to take cover behind some trash cans to do day 18. On that day, I also feared for my life.”

Guilt Crusher

“Are you saying that Kevin died in excessive kindness, because he is so kind?” asks M.e Looney for the Civic Party. The elegant brave could not say better, having been devastated by guilt.

She leaves to join her relatives, groggy, like a disjointed doll. She lost all her power in restoring the drama. Remarkably dignified, she crumbles into the arms of a friend. After the murder, the frail young woman will spend more than a year and a half in the clinic trying to rebuild herself. The road is still long.

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