Jay de Temple to star in Zoofest to celebrate diversity

About 150 performances, divided into ten categories, will be presented in several rooms at the Quartier des glasses from July 14 to 28. Thirty comedians will step onto the stage on their own, including Guy de Temple, who will be performing five of his second show, which is meant to be intimate and personal.

Matthew Pepper, who is currently working on his solo show, will share the fruits of his labor, which he describes as a mixture of poetry, hip-hop, Indian food, and maple syrup.

As for Martin Berizolo, he will compromise himself and stick to his sense of humor Perez.

Martin Berizolo

Photo: Radio Canada/Amelie Grenier

Other artists who have given solo shows include David Bocage, Gariana Jean-Louis, Mona de Grenoble, Beau Forget, Suzy Bouchard and Thomas Levac.

Zoofest audiences will see double – and in some cases quadruple – in 30/30a key festival concept where two or four comedians take turns on stage during a one-hour marathon.

Note in this category the duo Jean-Michel Elie and Erika Suárez, alias Beauty and the Beast, who co-hosted the podcast Controlled slidingAs well as Val Belzel and Rachel Ely. The latter, a regular at the Ottawa Fringe Festival, will address topics such as sex, drugs and teens.

A starting point for the general public

We consider ourselves a festival that wants to be a moderator, explains Isabel Desmaris, general manager of Zoofest and OFF-JFL. She says she admires the ability of emerging comedians to develop their brand by wearing many hats: directing, writing, editing, marketing strategy…

She hopes Zoofest can provide them with the crucial boost that will allow them to thrive. We are the trampolines before you land on your screens, on your radios; They are readyshe adds.

This conveyor belt role that Zoofest relies on, for example, with the TikTok Stand Up formula, can be seen again for the second year in a row and hosted again by Mégan Brouillard. Characters from the popular app popular among young people will take the stage for the first time, accompanied by comedians who use TikTok to promote their careers.

: \”S’il y a une liste qui existe, et que c’est drôle, on l’a dénichée et on vous la présente.\” On est des prospecteurs d’or.”,”text”:”Zoofest a toujours été le festival des futures stars de l’humour, et à petit prix, affirme Isabelle Desmarais. Donc notre but c’est l’accessibilité, mais c’est aussi de pouvoir dire: \”S’il y a une liste qui existe, et que c’est drôle, on l’a dénichée et on vous la présente.\” On est des prospecteurs d’or.”}}”>Zoofest has long been a festival for future comedy stars, and at a low price, says Isabel Desmarie. So our goal is accessibility, but we can also say, “If there’s a list out there, and it’s funny, we’ve discovered it and brought it to you.” We are prospectors for gold.

global and representation

As the first director of a major cultural festival in Quebec, Isabelle Desmares, who was raised in a Quebec Rwandan family, says she has developed a program similar to hers.

She says humor and laughter are universal. Our goal was to be able to say, “Is the rainbow of humor represented at the moment, both in sexual diversity and in cultural diversity?”

Isabel Desmarez cites the play as an example AphrodisiacWritten by Marilyn Sherry and Don Paco Master of Keys, Which talks about a case of being a black woman who suddenly moves to the Laval countryside.

Showing July 18 and 24 at Monument-National, this work is a solo theatrical performance that reflects the texture of black women’s hair, and the way they are perceived and treated in contemporary society.

Aphrodisiac Included in the Place au Théâtre section, which also includes Knoxville, Tennesseethe story of the three sons of an American wheat businessman by the pea soup group, and contemptCreated by Mathieu Quesnel, inspired by the dramatic process that revives the play Dear ChekhovWritten by Michel Tremblay.

Women’s team

Isabelle Desmarais feels particularly proud to have assembled a 100% women’s team to organize and lead 13e Zuvest. The festival also prides itself on a program that gives a lot of freedom of movement to many artists of either gender, gender or body diversity.

with BITCHfestDrag Queen Mona de Grenoble will host a dazzling show targeting guest star Christine Morense, star of the recent documentary. I love you bigwhich talks about fat phobia.

Drag kings Rock Bière and RV Métal, who are also the stars of a documentary released last year, will celebrate queer feminism with a show we promise will be messy.

Finally, the female show The festival will return with three exclusive women’s shows hosted by Noemi Leduc Roy and Anne-Sarah Charbonneau. They describe their concept as show de Jean-Marc Parent s’il pouvait expliquer la première fois qu’il a mis une DivaCup”,”text”:”un show de Jean-Marc Parent s’il pouvait expliquer la première fois qu’il a mis une DivaCup”}}”>a show By Jean-Marc Barnett If he could explain the first time he wore the Diva’s Cup.

The full program is available on their website (A new window).

This text is written by From an interview by Catherine Richera cultural columnist on the show In 15-18. Comments may have been edited for clarity or brevity.

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