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Thursday 16 June, in the southwest, near Bordeaux, in the Gironde, we expect 40 degrees Celsius. So residents organize themselves to avoid heat stroke and change their habits.

Already 28 degrees Celsius at 10 am. Caffeine (Gerund)Thursday, June 16. To avoid the heat, residents had to get up early. In the market, everyone lives quirky. “Keep calm in the afternoon”says woman. “I get up at six in the morning to walk for an hour, we go to the market and then come home”Another said. a Primeur comes an hour earlier than usual to set up a file car booths “11 o’clock, no one left”he thinks.

Residents come in search of freshness from the fishmonger, buying mussels, sardines and everything that can be used for barbecue. The dishes are praised for their lightness. “It was hot. When we made the hay, it was hot but the heat was good”says an 80-year-old resident. In the hairdressing salon, hair dryers and hot helmets are turned off as much as possible. This weekend in Caffeineyou should wait for the temperature 41 degrees Celsius.

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