‘Filing a complaint’, that’s all Elizabeth Bourne has to say to victims of gender-based and sexual violence

While traveling in the Calvados Circle, Elizabeth Bourne is questioned about the presence of Gerald Darmanen as Minister of the Interior. On the issue of violence against women, victims have repeatedly resorted to justice.

Yesterday Elizabeth Bourne was present at Villers-Bocage, as a candidate in the 6th Calvados district. But given the context, it was difficult not to see her as Prime Minister as she is, and to defy her as we should, especially given the new accusations against her Solidarity Minister Damien Abad.

This is what a woman chooses to doas Laura did a few days before her in Gilac and spread her sequence against Emmanuel Macron:

“A man who uses his status as a strong man to gain blessings, does that bother you?” »

Justice, Elizabeth Bourne’s only argument

He refers directly to the case of Darmanin, who was appointed Minister of the Interior in July 2020, which has been the subject of investigations after several complaints of rape, sexual harassment and breach of trust in 2017, then breach of trust, and extortion of sexual consent. , sexual consent fraud, rape and sexual harassment, in 2018. In September 2021, justice finally announced the end of investigations.

“Of course it annoys me.”The Prime Minister replied. “Why is he still here? Why is no one saying anything?” If Elizabeth Born remains calm, unlike Emmanuel Macron who did not hide his annoyance, she struggles to persuade, coldly camping in one location: Victims must seek justice by filing a complaint.

And in front of her, the local citizen holds firm and insists that justice will not be served. The numbers prove him right: Seven out of ten rape complaints are dismissed, often for lack of evidence, and the victim has to provide it. A statistic that partially explains why Only one in ten women dare to file a complaint when they are a victim of sexual and sexual violence.

“Be blameless”

How do you trust the highest peak of the country, men accused of violence continue to interrogate women, who ends Multiply this formula for less proficient On the duty of morality and the model that one has the right to expect from a minister:

“There’s really no flaw in the people who represent you, the deputies, the ministers, we can’t trust people with pots, it’s more pots, it’s a full kitchen in the ass!”

Rebelote at 8 p.m.

In an interview at 8pm on France 2, she insisted again that only the manner of complaint counted in her eyes, implying that in the face of recent accusations against Damienabad, she refuses to suspend her business minister in the absence of a court decision. number “presumption of innocence” As an argument as was the case with Emmanuel Macron, but okay File a complaint and sentencing as the only valid option : “I hope that all women victims of violent harassment will file a complaint, so that justice can do its job.”

The lawyer of the last witness in the Abad case was called this morning on France Info, reminding of “The Way of the Cross” What constitutes a complaint For victims of gender-based or sexual violence. She added that Elizabeth Bourne’s position has ” Marker “ his client, Who had initially thought of contacting her via message.

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Image credit: 20h de France 2 (France TV)

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