Effective treatment for fat or a scam? Here are the results!

Have you ever wondered what happens if you decide not to wash your hair for one month? Many people talk about the method no poo And how it completely changed their lives. Although somewhat skeptical, we at the DeaVita office always welcome new ideas with open hearts. However, half of the office has already tried and while discussing the topic, we came to this conclusion: most of the time, it doesn’t work. It all depends on the type of hair. Which, by the way, is the slow answer to just about everything. However, we will tell you what can happen to your hair and why it is harmful to you, and then what you should do. Leave it to the hair experts and make yourself comfortable while we tell you everything!

Do not wash your hair for a month: an effective remedy for fat?

We’ve already told you what can happen to your hair if you don’t wash it for a week. But… how about a month? we mentioned no poo earlier. This is a trendy way to restore the elasticity and beautiful look of your hair without shampooing. missionaries no poo They wash themselves with baking soda or white vinegar and claim that their scalp has completely changed and improved. However, many others, including us, have tried it, to no avail. Smelly and feeling greasy for a month without being able to wash your head and looking horrible and therefore the shame of going out isn’t the worst. And you will discover why!

Not washing your hair for a month: what are the consequences?

  • This causes buildup on the scalp and can lead to itching or even prevent hair growth.
  • The smell is unpleasant and the greasy appearance makes you feel unhealthy.
  • The scalp becomes itchy and requires you to scratch it, which can damage it.
  • Your scalp will always produce greasiness, no matter how often you wash it. So stick to the routine and when your head starts to itch, it means it needs washing.
  • Dirt buildup can be very harmful. Imagine all the dead skin cells, sweat, and outside pollution that you’ll be keeping for an entire month.
  • It clogs hair follicles, which can lead to their thinning or even hair loss!

What do you do instead!

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Washing your hair every day is not the best idea. It can easily crack and become dry and itchy. However, washing every two or three days is acceptable. You know your routine and you know what works best for you, so keep going! However, if you want to extend your wash-free time and look greasy, you can try using dry shampoo! However, dry shampoo does not work well on very oily hair. The correct way to use it is after showering, or at least not for more than a day!

Oily hair what to do

In fact, curly hair becomes more greasy than fine, smooth hair. It’s thicker and the oils don’t spread as much. Try African hairstyles so that you can keep it longer without washing it and keep it healthy.

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If you have thin hair, put it in a half ponytail, so you don’t touch it too much during the day.

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Stick to the routine that suits your scalp and makes you feel comfortable. There is no right or wrong way to take care of yourself, we are all unique and beautiful in our own way. So stop living by the rules and do what makes you happy!

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Why not wash your hair for a bad month?

Wash your hair once a month

Not washing your hair for a month: what are the consequences?

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Don’t Wash Your Hair for a Month: The No Poo Method Doesn’t Work for Everyone!

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