Aya Nakamura announces the release date of her single “Wicked”!

Singer Aya Nakamura announces the release of her new song “Wicked” soon! We tell you more.

Soon a new hit! Aya Nakamura announces The release of his song “Michant”. On social media! MCE TV gives you more details.

Another blow for Aya Nakamura

Singer Aya Nakamura entered summer mode! And whoever says the summer season says a big hit to make us dance until the end of the night. yes!

The 27-year-old artist is ready anyway to welcome the new season! First of all With a summer look Which caused a lot of reactions. In fact, Aya Nakamura surprised her fans With his new colour.

The one we actually saw with blue hair chose this time brighter color; The young woman appeared on social media a few days ago in her platinum blonde color. Something that makes his biggest fans react.

“Beautiful girl.” “,” All nature. or ” Attractive ! “ Can we read the comments below his Instagram post. more 130,000 people have also validated the new look their fetish. Just that!

After posting pictures of her enjoying the sun, back to the serious stuff! Aya Nakamura has a big announcement for her fans. yes!

On this Tuesday, June 14, she posted a short video on Instagram to announce the release of her next song. The new nickname for the young French artist is “Mechanite”. It will be available on Thursday, June 16, 2022.

On the social network, Aya Nakamura is already introducing her fans Pre-record his new song. So as not to miss her exit. The Wicked song will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer!

The return of the queen of pop

In 5 years of working, Aya Nakamura has established herself as a The Queen of Pop and R’nB. In her singles that turned her into planetary hits, her albums selling by the thousands and her assertive personality, the young woman has nothing to prove!

Since the release of her first album in 2017, the French artist has achieved great success. Djadja, Girlfriends, The Dot, Pookie… Aya Nakamura’s songs are very successful.

Revealed after being completely secretive in 2021 In collaboration with Major Lazer He expected her big return for the summer. Like all versions of the young woman, the piece becomes a hit. And the It also dominates the charts without much effort.

After that, silence the radio! Absence you will justify in January 2022 Announcing the birth of his daughter, The fruit of his love for producer Vladimir Budnikov.

Now that she is a mother, the young artist does not neglect her musical career. In March 2022, she said Collaborates with Belgian rapper Damso Then he unveiled the title “Dégaine”.

So June 16 is the new date that should not be missed for fans of the young singer. Aya Nakamura will already be revealed Her new nickname is “Villain”.

“When I’m upset, I mean baby” She wrote in the caption for her post for Promote his new song. “New song” Michant “Thursday, June 16, 5 pm – Pre-register now » She says in her post. “Summer can finally begin” Subscriber writes. And we can only agree with her!

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