At Vendée, hairstylists reinvent wigs with the hair of women with cancer

To fight the disease, and at the same time accept himself without hair. This is the double risk that many women with cancer face. This is the case of Stéphanie Retailleau, hairstylist from Les Herbiers, in Vendée, who launched a website on Wednesday 15 June We offer people undergoing chemotherapy an alternative to wigs“Bas Deshichi”: a turban with their hair.

An idea came to her when she herself fell ill. It was in October 2020, a few days before his 40th birthday. This hairstylist is learning that she is Suffering from breast cancer. Whoever refuses to look sick in everyone’s eyes does not see herself wearing a wig. “With a wig, we know we’re sick. Because we have that plastic wig that reminds us all the time that we’re sick!”indicates.

At the beginning of chemotherapy, this mother, a hairdresser by profession, asks her children to cut her long hair. At first, without really knowing what you were going to do with it, an idea came to her. “I hung them with glue in my kitchen. I went to my mom with that hair band. Then my mom tore off an old T-shirt and put a rubber band on it. And the presto rushed, we’re gone!”she laughs.

I told myself “I’m sick, I have cancer, I’m having chemo, I don’t have any hair, but I’m still not bad”! – Stephanie Raitao

Thanks to This is the turban from which his real hair stands outStephanie Ritaello finds herself and regains her self-confidence. “I said to myself ‘I’m sick, I have cancer, I have chemo, I don’t have any hair, but I’m still not bad!'”

So why not help other women with cancer? Over the months, in parallel with her treatment, the hairdresser improves the production process of the prosthetics for her hair Seamstresses near the herbarium.

We are like before. As it was before the first chemotherapy. – Jennifer Guan

“We are like before. Like before the first chemoJennifer Joan, 30, rejoices, one of the first to entrust her hair to auditioning for Stephanie Ritaio’s first hair suits. I found it really great! It’s been 2 days since we cut our hair and seeing it like this on our skulls, it’s amazing! “

After several months of word of mouth, Stéphanie Retailleau launched her website Marketing their hair prosthetics. From now on, women all over France will be able to mail in their hair to get one.

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