At the age of fifty, they decided to count in the cinema

Actresses Adèle Haenel, Valeria Golino, Noémie Merlant, Luana Bajrami, as well as producer Bénédicte Couvreur and director Céline Sciamma leave the Palais des Festivals, during the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, May 19, 2019. | Antonin Thuiler / AFP

In France, one in two women is 50 or older. However, this age group only pertains to 9% of roles in French films made in 2020. To counter this disappearance, women decided to change lines. Engine and working.

Catherine Peverity will long remember her fiftieth birthday. In the week of her birthday, the actress received an offer to advertise an earpiece, the advertisement of which stated that the wanted actress must be in her fifties.

When the young director saw her, he asked her if she had gone into the wrong room. Catherine Beverity’s Tit for tat replied: “Were you expecting a curly woman, with long white hair, dressed in a very elegant purple?” shy gesture “So you’re looking for a 75-year-old, because a 50-year-old is,” she said, pointing to herself. And the actress came to a conclusion that she likes to repeat. “When I came out of this test, I understood one thing: ‘He who is not represented does not exist.

While one in two French women is over 50, they are often absent from the screens that make up our society. A particularly glaring disappearance in the world of cinema, as evidenced by the Association of French Affiliated Actresses and Actresses (AAFA), which in 2015 created a commission called “The Tunnel of the 50-Year-Old Actress”, which actress Marina brought to me. According to a statistic conducted by the association, only 9% of roles in French cinema were attributed to women aged fifty and over in 2020. And this, while the big screen is societal and political, as shown in the seventy-fifth edition. Cannes Film Festival.

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“We are pulling representations from another century,” laments Catherine Bivaretti, who is also a participant in the “50-Year-Old Actress Tunnel” panel. She recalls the words of the anthropologist Françoise Herterre about two Epinal engravings representing the ages of life: …


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