A small practical guide on how to choose and style a long haircut

Long hair has always been synonymous with femininity, having a long, plump and well-groomed mane is the ultimate dream of every woman. Choosing a cut that will be able to sublimate your lengths is essential. Otherwise, we risk seeing the dream turn into a nightmare! Because finally, getting really long, straight hair like Rapunzel is not only impossible, it’s also impractical on a daily basis. In the following lines, you will find some tips and tricks that will help you choose the best long haircut based on some basic criteria.

With thick, smooth, beautiful hair, you can stand up to almost any long haircut

Choose your haircut according to the texture and nature of the hair

We often tend to want what we can’t have and hair is the same. Those who have curly hair dream of beautiful, smooth and silky hair and then often turn to a straightener to get it. On the contrary, those who own it, will give it all up for some natural waves and hair volume. Then the curling iron becomes their first ally. Hence, the hairstyles you dream about is an idea that varies from person to person.

However, we often forget that the best cut is the one that matches the nature of our hair and that there are actually quite a few cuts for all purposes. So, the first thing to do before choosing your haircut is to ask your hairdresser for advice in finding the solution that best suits your hair texture. And it must be said that you are really lucky if you have a thick man who is very versatile and easy to work with. On the other hand, with fine hair, it is better to prefer a color gamut that gives the illusion of texture. Even better if you choose a winning gradient wave combination. With regard to curly hair, the presence of “50 degrees of curls” justifies somewhat the individuality of each hairstyle. Since a dry cut is a must here, it’s often a matter of rebalancing the volumes, so grading is highly recommended, unless you have enough length.

Gradient made on hair of a different nature – the result is always very impressive!

Layered on extra long dark blonde hair and thick black curly hair

Choose your haircut according to the shape of the face

Similar to the nature of hair, there is a long cut for any face shape. Therefore, unless you have an oval face, which would be flattering with any type of hairstyle, you should especially think about choosing the right haircut for your particular features.

The long cut is especially suitable for round faces that will be toned down with lengths. However, we’ll also strive to revitalize the volume cut at the top, light curls, rebellious locks, or again thanks to the decadent effect. The latter will also be a favorite option for ladies with a square face. Often seen as very angular and therefore masculine, this type of conformation should be feminized, and a long cut is undoubtedly the best solution to do this. With that said, keep the strands framing the face long enough to camouflage obvious jaw lines. An unstructured cut and waves are also very suitable. The only exception is long faces, where it is better to style them with short haircuts, the maximum length of the shoulder.

A few beautiful waves and gradients can change everything!

Long haircut ideas for women with waves, round face and square face with locks on both sides of the face

How to style your long hair – the latest trends

One of the biggest benefits of long hairstyles is the multiple ways in which you can wear and style them. Among the currently fashionable haircuts, there are already a lot of solutions that are very suitable for long hair. Feel free to embrace it for a modern sporty look. The “wet look” trend of brushed back hair or hair styled with an XXL accessory, such as beautiful pearls and crystals. And again, the very long Wednesday braid (from the Adams family) or the long and voluminous shaggy ’70s… Here are some of the hairstyles that are getting all the rage on the catwalks and will definitely be in style for the year to come.

An extremely voluminous hairstyle styled with shaggy or braids to follow the trends in vogue

Very thick curly hair with delicate curls and long braids on smooth hair, what hairstyle for long hair

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